What does the Andorra flag say?

The Flag of Andorra depicts furiousness required to protect dignity of the country, blue is for ocean of thoughtfulness, and yellow and red represents 700 years of dependency on the captured rulers. The motto at the bottom of flag’s shield mentions that “Strength United is Stronger.”

Who designed flag of Andorra?


Description English: Flag of Andorra, 1806-1866 Deutsch: Flagge Andorras, 1806-1866
Date 26 September 2009
Source Own work
Author Graphic made by Carport
Other versions PNG version

What is the symbol of Andorra?

Coat of Arms of Andorra
Blazon Quarterly: first Gules, a crosier bendways sinister surmounted by a mitre Or lined Argent (Bishop of Urgell); second Or, three pallets Gules (Count of Foix); third Or, four pallets Gules (Catalonia); fourth Or, two cows passant in pale Gules horned and collared Azure (Viscount of Béarn).

What animal is on the Andorra flag?

The yellow shield with four red bars of Catalonia, Spain, and the two red cows of Béarn, France, complete the design.

Does Andorra have a princess?

Each co-prince appoints a personal representative, the French co-prince currently being represented by Patrick Strzoda and the Episcopal co-prince by Josep Maria Mauri….

Co-Princes of Andorra
Emmanuel Macron since 14 May 2017
Style His Excellency
First monarch Pere d’Urtx Roger-Bernard III

Do Andorra and Moldova have the same flag?

2: Andorra Moldova’s flag uses the same three colours for its stripes but differs in its central emblem. In use since 1990, the Moldovan flag’s symbol is a dark-golden eagle, which has a religious cross in its beak. The olive branch in the eagle’s claw is used to represent peace.

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