What does ring avulsion mean?

A ring avulsion injury is sustained by a sudden force pulling a ring from a finger. This can result in severe injury ranging from circumferential soft-tissue laceration to complete amputation.

What causes ring avulsion?

A ring avulsion is an injury to one of your fingers that happens when a ring you’re wearing is suddenly pulled with a strong force. They are serious injuries that frequently lead to amputation. The most common causes of ring avulsions are workplace accidents, falls and sports injuries.

How does ring avulsion work?

Ring avulsion happens when a ring on one of your fingers is caught on an object and gets yanked off suddenly and rapidly. The force and pressure of the ring being pulled can strip off and damage finger tissues, including muscles, tendons, and bones.

What happens when you sleep with a ring on your finger?

Sleeping in rings or wearing them in the heat can cause your finger to swell. Water retention can cause the swelling and as a results, rings can get stuck and cause serious injury if not treated and removed.

Can a Degloved finger be fixed?

When the degloved skin is totally removed from the body, it can be put back by a surgical procedure called replantation.

How long does take for avulsion wound to heal?

You might need to wear a cast or splint for a few weeks. Fractures usually take about three to 12 weeks to heal completely. For an avulsion fracture in your pelvis or anywhere else where your healthcare provider can’t apply a cast, a short period of rest followed by crutches is helpful.

Should you take rings off when washing hands?

Generally, you don’t have to take off your engagement ring when you wash your hands. In fact, using gentle soap and water is the best way to clean an engagement ring at home, so washing your hands won’t do any damage to your jewelry.

How did Jimmy Fallon cut off his finger?

Ring avulsion, which occurred when Fallon tripped over a braided rug in his home and caught his ring finger on a countertop during his fall, is a sudden pull on a ring that causes severe soft tissue injury, ranging from circumferential soft tissue laceration to complete amputation.

How does an avulsion heal?

Treatment of an avulsion fracture typically includes resting and icing the affected area, followed by controlled exercises that help restore range of motion, improve muscle strength and promote bone healing. Most avulsion fractures heal very well without surgical intervention.

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