What does a nitty mean in slang?

A dope fiend
nitty (plural nitties) (African-American Vernacular, MLE, slang) A dope fiend, a druggie.

What does the ladder mean slang?

Definition of the latter 1 : the second one of two things or people that have been mentioned Of these two options, the former is less expensive, while the latter is less risky. 2 : the last thing or person mentioned Of chicken, fish, and meat, I like the latter best.

Is nitty a word in Scrabble?

NITTY is a valid scrabble word.

Is nitty-gritty slang?

Nitty-gritty definition Nitty-gritty is slang for the basic facts, key details or most practical aspects. Knowing the date, time and place of a party are an example of the nitty-gritty of planning a party. (colloquial) The essence or core of something; the details.

What is a melt in slang?

An insult describing a person who has fallen for someone and gone soft. Example: “I can’t believe how much I fancy him, I’m acting like such a melt” 2. A wimp, a loser. Example: “Jonny is literally a tuna melt.”

What does shaking ladders mean?

Before climbing a ladder, most people shake the ladder a little to make sure it’s sturdy. When you position a ladder and climb it immediately, you’re saying that you’re satisfied that the ladder’s position is safe. You’re assuming it will stay in the position you placed it.

What does step on me mean?

to treat someone unfairly or unkindly.

Is Yeti a word in scrabble?

YETI is a valid scrabble word.

Is Flitty a word?

Flitty definition (archaic) Unstable, fluttering. Ostentatiously homosexual.

Where did the term nitty gritty come from?

‘Nitty gritty’ emerged as a corruption of ‘nigritique’. The French colonists called the African slaves and creoles ‘la population nigritique’. So to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ as the English speakers pronounced it was to mix with the people downtown.

What does pie me off mean?

Definition: Being ditched, dumped or abandoned (akin to getting a cream pie to the face). As in: “She totally pied him off.

What does pie someone mean?

PIED is also a slang term used with the meaning “Ignored” or “Rejected.” It describes the act of purposefully ignoring someone when they make contact, whether by text, online, or in person. PIED is not synonymous with avoiding someone. In order to PIE someone or to be PIED, contact needs to be made.

What does it mean when someone calls you Butterface?

Butterface is derogatory, it just is. Usually it’s used for a woman whose body is attractive but whose face is ugly. Related words: butterfaith. butterhead.

What is a possible and typical meaning for someone who dreams about falling off a ladder?

What is a possible and typical meaning for someone who dreams about falling off a ladder? The person is feeling insecure in real life.

How do you climb the PR ladder?

Climbing the PR ladder—5 essential skills for public relations…

  1. Communication. A competent PR pro should be familiar with all means of communication.
  2. Social media. The rise of social media platforms has had a huge impact on the PR industry.
  3. Time management.
  4. Research.
  5. Creativity.

What does working on your toes mean?

informal. : to cause someone to be alert and prepared to deal with problems The boss made regular inspections in order to keep employees on their toes.

What does nitty gritty mean in a relationship?

According to ” Nacho Libre ” “nitty gritty” means to get down to the facts of life and really find out what your woman wants. Get the nitty gritty neck gaiter and mug. To get down and dirty, get in the muck of things.

What is nitty-gritties?

Pitties (or tits that hang into a girl’s armpits when she’s lying down) that have gotten all sandy or dirty. After a long day at the beach, her pitties became nitty-gritties. by JosephM. January 22, 2008

What does nitty gritty neck gaiter mean?

Get the nitty gritty neck gaiter and mug. To get down and dirty, get in the muck of things. It could refer to getting rough (verb), or it could be used as a description (adjective). Let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we?

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