What docking station is compatible with HP ProBook?

HP EliteBook Ultraslim docking station It’s compatible with many models of the HP EliteBook, HP ProBook, and HP ZBook families.

Will HP USB-C dock work on any laptop?

Get to work with the versatile, elegant, and space-saving HP USB-C Dock G5. Compatible with HP laptops, MacBook® computers, and other notebooks (2), this USB dock is great for organizing your desk with its small footprint and single-cable set-up….

Brand HP
Number of Ports 12
Item Weight 1.65 Pounds

How power-hungry is the HP ProBook 6475b?

The HP ProBook 6475b is a rather power-hungry machine, as evidenced by a minimum power consumption of 10.5 watts (while idle, with an active energy saver profile and minimal luminance) which foreshadows no more than average battery life. Power consumption during idle mode tops out at 16.5 watts (high performance profile).

Where are the ports located on a Dell ProBook 6475b?

The ProBook 6475b offers all the numerous connections which more demanding users have come to expect. Since the lid is attached in the conventional way, some ports are even located on the back side of the laptop. Here, one can find both the Ethernet and VGA ports.

What resolution does the HP docking station support?

Video signal available through DVI port in optional HP Docking Station (sold separately) supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 at both full and reduced blanking, and 1920 x 1200 at reduced blanking. The hard drive is mounted directly to the notebook frame, reducing the transmission of shock to the hard drive.

How much power does a 6475b use?

The 6475b’s Intel competitors prove to be more economical: 9 to 15 watts ( Vostro 3460 ), 7 to 12.5 watts ( ThinkPad L430) and 8 to 11 watts ( TravelMate P643) respectively. This situation reverses under full load.

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