What are the properties of polymorph?

A drug molecule may form multiple crystalline phases by itself, called polymorphs. Polymorphs have the same chemical composition but different internal structures.

What is the difference between Enantiotropy and Monotropy?

The key difference between enantiotropic and monotropic is that enantiotropic refers to having different polymorphic states that are stable at different temperatures, whereas monotropic refers to having only one polymorph that is stable at all reasonable temperatures.

What is Enantiotropy?

Definition of enantiotropy : the relation of two different forms of the same substance (such as two allotropic forms of tin) that have a definite transition point and can therefore change reversibly each into the other — compare monotropy.

What minerals are polymorphs?

Some common examples of polymorphs are calcite and aragonite. The composition of these two minerals is CaCO3, but calcite is rhombohedral while aragonite is orthorhombic. Diamond and graphite , both of which are pure carbon , are also polymorphs. Diamond, however, is cubic while graphite is hexagonal.

Why polymorphs have different physical properties?

The same chemical compound can order itself into different crystal structures. Such polymorphic crystals have different physical properties, like solubility, shape and color.

What is polymorph used for?

Polymorph is used for: Manufacturing awkward shapes such as ergonomic handles. Joining components together. making moulds for vacuum forming.

What is Monotropy in chemistry?

Definition of monotropy : the relation of two different forms of the same substance (as white and red phosphorus) that have no definite transition point since only one form (as red phosphorus) is stable and the change from the unstable form to the stable form is irreversible.

What is meant by polymorph?

Definition of polymorph 1 : a polymorphic organism also : one of the several forms of such an organism. 2 : any of the crystalline forms of a polymorphic substance.

Is polymorphism a physical or chemical property?

polymorphism, in crystallography, the condition in which a solid chemical compound exists in more than one crystalline form; the forms differ somewhat in physical and, sometimes, chemical properties, although their solutions and vapours are identical.

Why is polymorph a smart material?

Polymorph is a polymer that becomes malleable when heated to about 62°C. When it cools down it becomes hard enough to drill and cut. This makes it perfect for modelling as it can be reheated and formed again. It is also excellent for creating ergonomic handles.

What is polymorph made of?

Polymorph is a non-toxic, biodegradable polyester with a low melting temperature of about 60°C (140°F). Prototype plastic parts can be made by simply heating the plastic beads in hot water until they turn clear and then kneading them together and shaping by hand. When it cools it becomes a nylon-like white plastic.

What are the key components of Monotropy?

Monotropy is the concept that infants have an innate and inborn capacity to attach primarily to a single caregiver or attachment figure. This concept was proposed by John Bowlby and is a component of attachment theory.

What is Monotropic attachment?

A child has an innate (i.e. inborn) need to attach to one main attachment figure. This is called monotropy. This concept of monotropy suggests that there is one relationship which is more important than all the rest. Bowlby’s suggests that there is a critical period for developing at attachment (2.5 years).

What is metastable polymorph?

Metastable polymorph Metastable state, in physics and chemistry, particular excited state of an atom, nucleus, or other system that has a longer lifetime than the ordinary excited states and that generally has a shorter lifetime than the lowest, often stable, energy state, called the ground state. Roberts KJ, et. al.

Which of the following is example of Monotropy?

Monotropy – It is the existence of allotropes without transition temperature.Eg – Diamond and Graphite.

How do you identify polymorphs?

Molecules exhibit “fingerprint” vibrational patterns and a Raman Spectrometer is able to identify different polymorphs by their characteristic fingerprints. Polymorphs are chemical compounds that although have the same chemical formula, exhibit different lattice structure.

Is polymorph biodegradable?

Polymorph (officially known as Polycaprolactone) is a biodegradable polyester that can be shaped and reshaped infinitely. It has a very low melting point of around 60°C – 62°C but when cool has physical properties of a very tough plastic, similar to nylon.

Is polymorph waterproof?

Polymorph is a thermoplastic material that can be reheated and remoulded as often as is needed. It can be coloured when hot using colourant and can be painted once it cools using acrylic paints. The material is nontoxic and waterproof when cooled and is fully biodegradable.

What is Monotropy in attachment?

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