What are the IARU regions?

There are three regional IARU organizations corresponding to the three ITU Radio Regions:

  • Region 1 — Africa, Europe, Middle East, and northern Asia.
  • Region 2 — the Americas.
  • Region 3 — the rest of Asia and the Pacific.

What IARU Region is the uk?

The IARU is organised into three regions, named Region 1, Region 2, and Region 3….IARU Region 1.

Country Member Society Abbreviation and website (if available)
United Kingdom Radio Society of Great Britain RSGB

What region is the USA in for ham radio?

Amateur Radio Callsign Numerical Prefixes

U.S.A. Callsign Geographical Regions
Callsign Numeral Region Callsign Numeral
1 Maine (ME) New Hampshire (NH) Vermont (VT) Massachusetts (MA) Rhode Island (RI) Connecticut (CT) 6
2 New York (NY) New Jersey (NJ) 7
3 Pennsylvania (PA) Delaware (DE) Maryland (MD) 8

How many ITU Regions are there?

three ITU regions
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in its International Radio Regulations, divides the world into three ITU regions for the purposes of managing the global radio spectrum. Each region has its own set of frequency allocations, the main reason for defining the regions.

What is ITU zone ham radio?

ITU zones originated from the professional ‘CIRAF Zones’ (Conferencia Internacional de Radiodifusion por Altas Frecuencias) which were defined at the 1947/1948 World Administrative Radio Conference, held in Mexico. They defined areas to be served by each shortwave broadcaster, and gave each CIRAF target zone a number.

What countries are not members of ITU?

​​​​Country ​Country
Iraq Swaziland
Israel Tajikistan
Kazakhstan The Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia
Kiribati Timor-Leste

Is Japan a member of ITU?

Japan has been a member of the organization from its very earliest days, having joined International Telegraph Union, ITU’S predecessor, in 1879. Since 1959, Japan has had the honor of being elected to the Council on every occasion and has committed itself to fully supporting ITU’s role in the telecommunications field.

What CQ zone is PA in?

Prefix numerals

numeral state CQ zone
3 Maryland 5
3 Pennsylvania 5
4 Alabama 4
4 Florida 5

What CQ zone is Ohio in?

Zone 15. Central European Zone: ES, HA, HV, I, IS0, LY, OE, OH, OH0, OJ0, OK, OM, S5, SP, T7, T9, TK, UA2, YL, YU, ZA, 1A0, Z3, 9A, 9H and 4U1VIC. Zone 16.

What CQ zone is Hawaii?

Prefix numerals

numeral state CQ zone
_H6 Hawaii 31
_L7 Alaska 1
7 Arizona 3
7 Idaho 3

Is Malaysia a member of ITU?

It was established on 17 May 1865, making it the oldest UN agency. Malaysia has been a member of ITU since 1958 and throughout its membership, Malaysia has continued to play an active role and committed to the goals of the Union.

Is India a member of ITU?

India has been an active member of the ITU since 1869, earnestly supporting the development and propagation of telecom in the global community of nations.

What is Radio 7?

The unique mission of RADIO 7 is to meet the entertainment and information needs of the Polish community throughout Ontario with particular focus on Toronto and the Niagara Peninsula region. The Broadcast Centre 284 Church Street Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6J 7N2 905.338.1320

What are the three ITU Radio regions?

There are three regional IARU organizations corresponding to the three ITU Radio Regions: Region 1 — Africa, Europe, Middle East, and northern Asia Region 2 — the Americas Region 3 — the rest of Asia and the Pacific

Where can I listen to radio stations around the world?

Welcome to Worldradiomap.com – the radio map of the world. Now you can listen to the live broadcast of all FM and AM radio stations from major cities around the world. Just select a city on the map, review the full frequency list and click on the station name to listen online.

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