What are the best blitzball players in Final Fantasy 10?

Final Fantasy X: The 12 Best Blitzball Players In The Game

  1. 1 Larbeight (FW) Larbeight is an incredibly strong forward and has the highest shooting stat in the game at level 99.
  2. 2 Nimrook (GK)
  3. 3 Ropp (DF)
  4. 4 Tidus (FW)
  5. 5 Kiyuri (MF)
  6. 6 Brother (MF)
  7. 7 Wakka (FW)
  8. 8 Nedus (FW)

Can you win the blitzball game against the Goers?

If you win the match against the Goers, he hands his teammates the Crystal Cup, the champions’ prize, instead of passing off a regulation blitzball. Don’t feel bad if you find it an insurmountable challenge, though.

How do you get the Jecht Shot if you miss it?

Here’s the good news – the Jecht Shot isn’t a missable bonus. All you actually need to do is backtrack to Kilika and take the ship to Luca again – and during the journey aboard the ship, you’ll get another opportunity to tackle the Jecht Shot in exactly the same place and way as before.

Is Berrik a good Blitzball player?

Like his Psyches teammates, Berrik is one of the strongest players in the early to mid stages of Blitzball, with strong, well-balanced stats all around.

Is Vuroja a good Blitzball player?

Vuroja is the team captain and midfielder of the Kilika Beasts. At level 99, Vuroja is tied with Linna for the best PA stat in the game, as well as top-tier ratings in EN, AT, and BL. This makes him a perfect cornerstone for any team when playing at high levels.

When should I learn Jecht Shot?

You can backtrack through much of the game, but the easiest time to do this is to wait until you get permanent control of the airship in FF10. Once you have access to the airship, you can use it to head to Kilika in order to take the ship as many times as it takes to nail it and unlock the Jecht Shot.

Is MIYU a good blitzball player?

Miyu is a Crusader who can be recruited as a blitzball free agent in Final Fantasy X. She boasts strong AT and EN, as well as decent CA. Therefore she is both useful as a Goalkeeper and defender.

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