What are Eaton Vance funds?

We offer mutual funds that invest across a wide array of equity, income and alternative strategies. Each of them seeks to address the varied investment goals of today. Browse our mutual funds that have a five- or four-star Morningstar rating.

Do closed-end funds have options?

Like open-end and exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds are available in a wide variety of offerings. Stock funds, bond funds and balanced funds provide a full range of asset allocation options, and both foreign and domestic markets are represented.

Does Eaton Vance have ETFs?

Eaton Vance Management and all other ETF issuers are ranked based on their estimated revenue from their ETF business. Estimated revenue for Eaton Vance Management is calculated by aggregating the estimated revenue of all Eaton Vance Management ETFs.

Is ETV a good investment?

Conclusion. ETV has been a historically strong performing fund, delivering regular income for investors. Not only has it been regular income, but it has also been in the beneficial form of ROC – while not being destructive in most years. The expectation is that the fund will continue to perform relatively well.

Are Eaton Vance funds good?

By The Numbers: One Of The Best Mutual Funds This year through August, the fund topped the S&P 500, 24.67% vs. 21.58%. Its large-cap growth rivals tracked by Morningstar Direct are up 18.75% on average.

Who owns Eaton Vance?

Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Investment Management INC.
Eaton Vance/Parent organizations

Are closed-end funds good for income?

Generally speaking, investing in closed-end funds offers much higher income potential but can result in significant price volatility, lower total returns, less predictable dividend growth, and the potential for more surprises.

Is parametric owned by Eaton Vance?

September 11, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) – Mutual fund firm Eaton Vance Corp. completed its plan to buy 80% of Parametric Portfolio Associates on September 10. Under terms of the purchase, Boston-based Eaton Vance acquired 80% of Parametric’s stock for $28 million in cash.

What is Eaton Vance stock?

EVSTC – Eaton Vance Stock NextShares

Previous Close 99.96
Bid 99.96 x 1400
Ask 100.02 x 1800
Day’s Range 99.96 – 99.96
52 Week Range 99.96 – 99.98

Is Eaton Vance a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley?

Morgan Stanley is breaking up and selling off Eaton Vance WaterOak Advisors, the wealth management business that became part of the firm with its purchase of Eaton Vance in March 2021. The unit managed approximately $14.4 billion as of Feb.

Does Morgan Stanley own Eaton Vance?

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) announced today that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of Eaton Vance Corp. in a stock and cash transaction.

Does Morgan Stanley own parametric?

The firm became part of Morgan Stanley in 2021 when it acquired Eaton Vance, but it remains proudly independent in its approach and spirit.

Did Morgan Stanley buy parametric?

Parametric Portfolio Associates will be acquired as part of a multibillion-dollar deal with Morgan Stanley. New York-based Morgan Stanley is buying Parametric’s parent company, Boston-based Eaton Vance Corp., for $7 billion in cash and stock, according to a release from Thursday.

What is the new name of Morgan Stanley mutual fund?

Immediate action points for Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund investors….MEMBERS’ PORTFOLIO.

Current Names, and Type of the Schemes Type of Change New Names/Surviving Schemes, and Type of the Schemes
Morgan Stanley Short Term Bond Fund (Open Ended Debt Fund) Merger HDFC Short Term Plan* (Open-ended income scheme)

Is Eaton Vance publicly traded?

1959: Vance, Sanders & Company becomes a publicly traded company, and also acquires an economic interest in Boston Management & Research, a mutual fund management company.

What happened Eaton Vance stock?

Did parametric buy Eaton Vance?

Back in October 2020, which in pandemic time feels like an eternity ago, Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) announced it was acquiring Eaton Vance. If you didn’t already know, Eaton Vance was Parametric’s parent company, and so the news meant that we too were part of the acquisition.

How much did Morgan Stanley pay for Eaton Vance?

in a stock and cash transaction. Eaton Vance common stockholders were offered 0.5833 Morgan Stanley common shares and $28.25 per share in cash for each Eaton Vance common share, and had the opportunity to elect to receive the merger consideration all in cash or all in stock, subject to proration and adjustment.

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