Is Viton Brown?

This Brown Viton O-Ring, Fluorocarbon (also called FKM or Viton®) is a commonly used elastomer in the o-ring sealing industry….

Material Synthetic Rubber, Viton
Nominal Outside Diameter 1-7/16 Inches

Are Viton O-rings Brown?

Product Description. This O-Ring set is made of Brown Viton, has a durometer of 75A, and includes 382 pieces covering 30 dash sizes. The rings have a Round cross-section and can be used across a wide temperature range from -15 degrees F (-26 degrees C) to 450 degrees F (232 degrees C).

What Colour are Viton O-rings?

O-Ring Colors

O-Ring Color O-Ring Material
Blue Fluorosilicone
Brown Viton®
Clear Urethane
Green Viton® | HSN/HNBR

Are Viton O-rings black?

Product Description. This Viton O-ring is black in color, round in shape, has a durometer (hardness) of 75A, and is designed for use in a wide variety of sealing applications. Viton has excellent heat, fuel, and chemical resistance.

What color are Viton gaskets?

Gaskets made of Viton® can be die cut from solid, sponge, or foam rubber. Durometers typically range from 60 to 90 (Shore A). Most gaskets made of Viton® are black, white, or brown in color; however, custom compounding can create specialized colors.

What is green Viton?

SM14975 -G is a Green High Temperature Viton® A Rubber 75° shore is a Viton® (FKM) sheet with a 66% fluorine content and an outstanding high resistance for high exposure applications with chemicals, acids, oils and petroleum products at high temperatures not achievable with other compounds.

What are the different grades of Viton?

There are four major families of Viton™ fluoroelastomers: A, B, F, and ETP, each with its own unique performance characteristics.

What are Viton O-rings used for?

A Viton™ seal is simply a seal manufactured from Viton™. These seals or gaskets are commonly used to seal leaks, valves, pumps and similar. Viton™ o rings are the most common type of seal, which we provide here at NES in a variety of sizes and profiles.

What colour are Viton O-rings?

What is black Viton?

Many different formulas have been used for Viton over the years, but black and brown Vitons are functionally interchangeable. Depending upon the formulation, the one may be slightly softer than the other, and black ones contain carbon black.

Is Viton an FKM or FFKM?

Both materials are well suited for use in the -15 to 205°C range. FKM has an advantage in lower temperatures and FFKM has an advantage in higher temperatures. Marco offers specific compound formulations extending these ranges even futher as can be seen in the following compound comparison chart.

Are there different grades of Viton?

What is the difference between nitrile and Viton?

The key difference between nitrile and Viton is that nitrile rubber compounds have comparatively a low density while Viton has comparatively a large density. However, by looking at the material, we can identify Viton by its appearance of green-brown colour where nitrile rubber has a yellow colour.

Are there different types of Viton?

There are four major families of Viton™ fluoroelastomers: A, B, F, and ETP, each with its own unique performance characteristics. A major differentiator between the Viton™ product families is fluid resistance, which is based on the polymer’s fluorine level.

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