Is Victoria Canada expensive?

The cost of living in Victoria is high, and it is considered one of the top five most expensive Canadian cities to live in, together with Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City. According to Payscale, this cost of living is 100 percent higher than the national average.

Is Victoria expensive to live in?

Victoria is officially one of the top 5 most expensive places to live in Canada. PadMapper reports that Victoria now ranks just behind Montreal, Quebec and ties with Barrie, Ontario with the average rent sitting at $1,400 for a one bedroom and $1,720 for a two bedroom apartment.

Why should we visit Victoria?

History. Victoria’s rugged and pristine wilderness was first home to First Nations people and today retains deep ties to indigenous culture. Learn more by visiting the Royal BC Museum where you can discover the Our Living Languages exhibit, explore the First Peoples Galleries and discover the indigenous collections.

What is Victoria BC known for?

The capital of British Columbia, Victoria is quiet, skyscraper-free and largely administrative and residential. To these charms is added a downtown area set around the beautiful Inner Harbour, which retains its Victorian heritage buildings and atmosphere. In the Empress Hotel, people still gather for afternoon tea throughout the day.

Where can I see butterflies in Victoria?

At Victoria Butterfly Gardens, you’ll encounter thousands of tropical butterflies, poison dart frogs, tortoises, large iguanas, flamingos, WildPlay Element Parks nature-based aerial adventures in Victoria and Nanaimo offer a unique way for adults, teens, and kids to have fun together.

Why visit Greater Victoria?

In Victoria, you can meet the chefs, meet the farmers and visit the farms. Escape hurried life and pause awhile in Greater Victoria. A place where time falls away and unique experiences leave you relaxed and recharged.

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