Is there a Book Depository in Singapore?

Books by Singapore | Book Depository.

Where does Book Depository ship from?

Gloucester, UK
The Book Depository, is one of the fastest growing booksellers in Europe. The retailer has over a million customers and also comes with a Dodo Press imprint and a fulfillment centre in Gloucester, UK. The company ships its books free of charge, worldwide, to over 100 countries.

How many days does Book Depository take to deliver?

#1 Delivery can take up to 6 weeks The reason for this is because they use registered mail to send you the book. This means if you need a book in less than 2 weeks, you should never place an order with Book Depository.

Is Book Depository door to door?

However, it may be best to confirm what this fee is for, or at least ask for a receipt from the rider. It’s also worth noting that since the pandemic, Book Depository has been delivering all items straight to the customers’ doorsteps.

Can I sell books on Book Depository?

Great news for indies, if your book is POD, Print On Demand, the Book Depository will list and sell your book.

How do you pay at Book Depository?

Book Depository’s vision is to provide “All Books Available to All” by improving selection, access and affordability of books. Payment Options: We accept payments made with the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, VISA Debit, VISA Delta, Maestro, Electron. We are also happy to accept PayPal.

How long does Book Depository take to Malaysia?

#1 Delivery can take up to 6 weeks The biggest downside of buying from Book Depository is that even though shipping is free, it can take a long time for a book to get to you.

Why are books so cheap in the UK?

Books are cheaper in the UK because it got rid of its own law regulating book prices in the 1990s, when the Net Book Agreement (NBA) was declared illegal.

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