Is Stack Overflow illegal?

Code snippets provided by users on Stack Overflow are protected by copyright. As discussed, some developers are happy to provide code license-free, while others add extra licensing. If you intend to take code you have to attribute it to the original author and share any work that evolves out of it.

Is Stack Overflow Community toxic?

Yes, it is toxic.

Is Stack Overflow blocked in China?

Stack Overflow is generally accessible in China. However, it is getting occasionally blocked, thanks to Ciro Santilli, who includes banned keywords in his name.

How can I make a website like Stack Overflow?

You need to one or two things, preferably both.

  1. Figure out your desired feature set, and stop there. Resist the urge to expand your workload with every new idea. It’s hard, I know.
  2. If you can’t manage #1, then you need this even more. Release quickly and iterate.

Is it OK to steal code?

If you could write it again from memory, that’s a sign a good theft; a reworking that has left you with something more than a clone, with something original. So yes, steal code. Take it, understand it, and implement it in your own projects. Make it yours.

Is Stack Overflow and Stackexchange the same?

As of September 2015, “Stack Exchange” no longer refers to the company, only the network of question-and-answer websites. Instead, the company is now referred to as Stack Overflow.

Why is Stack Overflow rude?

Originally Answered: Why is Stack Overflow so unfriendly? It’s unfriendly because it’s not a place where you can make friends, even it presents itself as a community; there are too many people, too many questions, too broad topics, too much competition to be so.

Is Stack Overflow owned by Facebook?

Stack Overflow was sold to Prosus, a Netherlands-based consumer internet conglomerate, on 2 June 2021 for $1.8 billion.

Who brought Stack Overflow?

In yet another sign that the world is software-driven, Prosus N.V., one of the world’s largest tech investment firms operating as the international Internet assets arm of South African multinational Naspers, announced on June 2 that it’s acquiring Stack Overflow, a global knowledge-sharing platform for developers and …

Is stackoverflow open source?

Stack Overflow itself is not open source, but there are a number of open source Stack Overflow clones to choose from.

How can I make WordPress a website like Quora?

How to create a site like Quora

  1. Pick a domain name.
  2. Get hosting.
  3. Install WordPress.
  4. Install QAEngine.
  5. Configure QAEngine.
  6. Launch.

Do programmers copy paste?

Most programmers cut and paste code in this capacity. They might find a previous project or something online and copy/paste it exactly or copy/paste and make changes to it. I think this practice is typically fine.

Do MIT students copy?

While guidelines on the acceptable level collaboration vary from class to class, all MIT instructors agree on one principle: copying from other students, from old course “bibles,” or from solutions on OCW sites is considered cheating and is never permitted.

Does Facebook own Stack Overflow?

Is Stack Overflow elitist?

No, Stack Overflow is not turning into an elitist club. That is what happens in other communities where controls & heuristic logic is not deployed at all.

What is the difference between Stack Overflow and Stackexchange?

Stack Exchange is a network of sites, of which Stack Overflow is one. They each use the same software but are generally geared towards certain topics… Stack Overflow being geared towards programming, and others being geared towards other particular topics.

How much does it cost to build a website like Quora?

If you want a simple design website for your small business it may cost your around 5k + hosting charges(2.5k-3k) which may vary to different hosting provider.

What is QAEngine?

QAEngine helps you create a fully functional Q&A WordPress website with a clean design and a user-focused experience.

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