Is Salt Pan Creek flooded?

A Flood Study of Salt Pan Creek was undertaken to determine the design levels applicable to the 5 %, 2%, I% and extreme floods….Additional Information.

Field Value
Update date 26 June 2017
River Basin 213 – Sydney Coast and Georges River
Place Name Salt Pan Creek Catchment
Approval State Approved

Where is salt Pan Creek?

Salt Pan Creek, an urban watercourse of the Georges River catchment, is located in the Canterbury-Bankstown region of Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia. Early settlers took salt from the swampland by evaporating the salt water.

What Aboriginal land is Padstow on?

Salt Pan Creek is the country of Pemulwuy and the Bediagal clan of the Dharug people, on the northern shore of the Georges River, between what is now Padstow and Riverwood.

How long is the Salt Pan Creek walk?

Head out on this 2.5-mile loop trail near Riverwood, New South Wales. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 55 min to complete. This is a popular trail for birding, hiking, and mountain biking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

Is Pitt Town a flood zone?

Pitt Town turns into a series of islands every time there is a flood described as a “one-in-100-year event”, meaning there is a 1% chance of that occurring in any year. But the population has tripled in the past 15 years, increasing the number of residents who may need to evacuate from the area quickly.

Is East Hills a flood zone?

The main floodplain of the Georges River occurs between Glenfield and East Hills, in Liverpool, Fairfield and Canterbury-Bankstown Local Government Areas.

What Aboriginal land is Cooma on?

There are currently three Declared Aboriginal Places in the Snowy Monaro LGA, gazetted under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. These include Coolamatong (Lambie Gorge) in Cooma, Curiosity Rocks in Jindabyne, and the Delegate Aboriginal Reserve.

How long is the wilksch walk?

Explore this 3.9-mile out-and-back trail near Sydney, New South Wales. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 h 34 min to complete. This is a popular trail for hiking, trail running, and walking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

Is Riverstone NSW a flood zone?

Riverstone West is Rural and is near Richmond Road. It is a flood zone area. However, the Riverstone where you will find home and land packages are not flood-prone.

Does Bankstown flood?

The consequences of flooding in the Georges River are significant in Canterbury-Bankstown. This was evidenced by the floods that occurred in 1978, 1986 and 1988. The largest of these floods occurred in 1986 and was equivalent to a 1 in 20 year event.

Is Parramatta on Darug land?

City of Parramatta acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land, the Dharug people. For over 60,000 years, the area comprising present day Parramatta has been occupied by the Burramattagal people, a clan of the Dharug, who first settled along the upper reaches of the Parramatta River.

What Aboriginal land is Goulburn on?

The Gundungurra people, also spelt Gundungara, Gandangarra, Gandangara and other variations, are an Aboriginal Australian people in south-eastern New South Wales, Australia. Their traditional lands include present day Goulburn, Wollondilly Shire, The Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands.

Is Goulburn a Wiradjuri?

Aboriginal cultural tours of Wiradjuri Country is in Goulburn River National Park.

Which suburbs in Sydney are affected by the floods?

The Bureau of Metereology warned of flash flooding and damaging winds in suburbs near the airport, including Botany, Maroubra and Randwick. In the west, Penrith, Parramatta and Campbelltown also experienced the full force of the storm, as did Wollongong and Port Kembla south of Sydney.

What are the flood prone areas in Sydney?

Flooding in the Inner West. Inner West Council is bounded by three primary water bodies – Parramatta River to the north, Cooks River to the South and Sydney Harbour to the east – and contains 5 tributary creek systems – Dobroyd Canal, Hawthorne Canal, Whites Creek, Johnstons Creek and Alexandra Canal.

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