Is InStyle magazine going out of business?

The last publication of InStyle will be released in April 2022. Reportedly, the step towards launching a digital magazine will result in the loss of around 200 jobs.

What Is InStyle magazine about?

InStyle is a monthly women’s fashion magazine published in the United States by Time Inc. Along with advertising, the magazine offers articles about beauty, fashion, home, entertaining, charitable endeavors and celebrity lifestyles. Its editor is Ariel Foxman, and its publisher is Connie Anne Phillips.

What kind of magazine is InStyle?

InStyle was an American monthly women’s fashion magazine founded in 1994. It was published in the United States by Dotdash Meredith.

How much does InStyle magazine cost?

$5.00 an issue
About InStyle Magazine Cover price is $5.00 an issue. InStyle Special Edition, published by DotDash Meredith, currently publishes 4 times annually. Your first issue will be delivered instantly. Frequency of all magazines subject to change without notice.

Who is InStyle target audience?

InStyle is “the leading fashion, beauty and celebrity” magazine (InStyle). Its audience consists of 9,553,000 readers, 91.2% of which are females. The majority of the publications readers are between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-four. Also, 72.1% of InStyle’s readers attended college.

Is ELLE magazine feminist?

Elle (stylized ELLE) is a worldwide women’s lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health and entertainment. The title means “she” or “her” in French….Elle (magazine)

Circulation 335,025 (France)
Publisher Carol Smith (also Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer)

Is InStyle still in print?

The magazine’s April issue will be its last. Dotdash Meredith, the media group which acquired InStyle in 2021, has announced it will be terminating the publication’s print issues, according to the Wall Street Journal.

How many people read InStyle?

Audience Profile

rate base 1,700,000
frequency 12 times
readership 6,902,000
median age 45 years
median household income $88,069

Is Cosmopolitan magazine still being published?

Cosmopolitan is changing up its print plans. Beginning this year, the Hearst-owned publication will print eight-themed issues, each dedicated to a different subject and numbered rather than tied to a specific month. In 2019, it published 12 issues, then 10 in 2020 when the pandemic began, and nine in 2021.

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