Is Gil Simmons married?

Elizabeth SimmonsGil Simmons / Spouse

Where is Gil Simmons?

Simmmons currently resides in Windham County, Connecticut. Simmons received an Emmy nomination for his snowstorm coverage in Connecticut and was awarded 2002 Best Weathercast in Connecticut by the Associated Press.

Where was Gil Simmons born?

Foster, RIGil Simmons / Place of birthFoster is a town in Providence County, Rhode Island, in the United States. The population was 4,469 at the 2020 census. Wikipedia

Where is Sam Kantrow?

Meteorologist Sam Kantrow joined Storm Team 8 in February, 2011, first as a weather producer and web meteorologist for WTNH, and is now part of Storm Team 8’s on-air crew.

Is Ann Nyberg married?

Mark MamulaAnn Nyberg / Spouse

Was Gil Simmons in the military?

Meteorologist Gil Simmons joined Storm Team 8 in February 2003. Gil served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps as a meteorologist/oceanographer for six years forecasting weather conditions all over the world from 1990 to 1996.

Where did Joe Furey go?

Furey then moved on to becoming the Director of The New England Weather Service in Hartford doing daily weather forecasting to such clients as Northeast Utilities.

How many kids does Ann Nyberg have?

She and her husband have three daughters, two grandchildren, and two Golden Retrievers, Trip and Sherman. Nyberg feels strongly about philanthropy. In 1993, she founded the Toy Closet Program at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Hundreds of thousands of toys have been given to children of all ages to help ease their trauma.

Where is Keith Kountz?

Keith Kountz has been a fixture at News 8 for more than two decades. He currently anchors “Good Morning Connecticut” and the noon news.

Who is chief meteorologist Fox 61?

Rachel Frank
Rachel Frank is FOX61’s Emmy award-winning chief meteorologist. You can catch her forecasts on the FOX61 News at 4, 5, 10 and 11 p.m.

Who is Ann Nyberg husband?

Mark MamulaAnn Nyberg / Husband

How old is anchor Ann Nyberg?

About 65 years (1957)Ann Nyberg / Age

Who is Keith Kountz married to?

wife Dawn
Keith and his wife Dawn are the proud parents of two daughters. Keith has been actively involved in a number of community service organizations in the New Haven area. He has received more than 50 professional and community service awards.

What happened to Teresa Dufour on Channel 8?

Host of WTNH’s “CT Style” Teresa Dufour announced she will be leaving the TV station on June 30, 2021 after 11 years. Teresa Dufour, host of “CT Style,” announced she will not be renewing her contract with WTNH; her last day will be June 30.

What happened to Teresa Dufour on Channel 8 news?

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