Is Fire Mage good in PvP Wotlk?

Fire Mage is always overlooked and so underrated when it comes to PvP due to the domination of the Frost Mage Spec but in the right scenarios, Fire Mage has the potential to be the most broken spec if played correctly.

Is Fire Mage good for PvP?

Fire Mage still stands as one of the strongest casters in PvP. The 2-set bonus for wearing 2 PvP trinkets has been reworked to instead grant 175 Intellect and 350 Stamina.

What is the best legendary for fire mage PvP?

Best Legendaries for Fire Mage in PvP

  • Triune Ward was previously the strongest Legendary for Fire Mages.
  • Fevered Incantation allows for slightly more damage when you are repeatedly critting.
  • Disciplinary Command is the strongest of the Legendary options that many are opting to use after Patch 9.1.5.

What is the best PvP mage spec?

Most players will say that the Best Mage Spec in Classic Wow 1.12 is Frost, and most would agree but that doesn’t mean the others are not viable in PVP. I for one personally think Arcane is very flexible and strong in PVP and prefer it as a mage player myself.

What is the best spec for mage in WotLK?

With further changes in WotLK, arcane is cited as being the best DPS spec for mages.

What does TTW Mage mean?

ttw = torment the weak.

How do you burst as fire mage?

Playstyle for Fire Mages The main role for a Fire Mage is simple: use your large crowd control toolkit and mobility to lock down healers. When they are crowd controlled, use your explosive damage to burst your target down. In Patch 9.1, Fire Mage’s role in Arena has not changed.

Which mage spec does the most DPS?

Yes, fire is the top PVE spec currently.

Is arcane mage viable in WotLK?

Unlike the Fire specialization, Arcane is viable in all PvE content, both dungeons and raids.

What is the best mage spec in Wrath of the Lich King?

How do fire mages burst in PvP?

How do I AoE as a fire mage?

The AoE version of the opener is as follows:

  1. Four seconds before pull: hard-cast a Flamestrike.
  2. Cast Combustion and Fire Blast over .5 seconds before the Flamestrike cast ends.
  3. Cast a second Fire Blast before the Flamestrike cast ends, queued into a Hot Streak Flamestrike.
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