Is Desert Island Discs on Spotify?

Desert Island Discs and other BBC podcasts now available on Spotify.

What radio channel is Desert Island Discs on?

BBC Radio 4
Desert Island Discs is a radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

When was Tom Hanks on Desert Island Discs?

8 May 2016 · Desert Island Discs. Kirsty Young’s castaway is Tom Hanks. From ‘Big’ to ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, ‘Captain Phillips’ to ‘Apollo 13’, his long and distinguished film-making career has brought him multiple awards and many plaudits.

Is Desert Island Discs repeated?

Desert Island Discs takes two short breaks, in April and August/September. BBC Radio 4 broadcasts new programmes for approximately 42 weeks each year on Sunday mornings, usually with a repeat transmission five days later.

What did Tom Hanks choose on Desert Island Discs?

On the desert island I’ll take those…’ His luxury was a Hermes 3000 manual typewriter and paper. You know what? We’ll take Tom Hanks.

Is Lauren Laverne married?

Graeme FisherLauren Laverne / Spouse (m. 2005)

Personal life. Laverne married the television producer and DJ Graeme Fisher in County Durham in August 2005; the couple live in Muswell Hill, London, and she also has a flat in Sunderland.

What are you allowed to take on Desert Island Discs?

Format. Guests are invited to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island, and choose eight recordings, originally gramophone records, to take with them; discussion of their choices permits a review of their life.

Can I get Desert Island Discs on iPlayer?

BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs is available to listen again for the first time on the BBC iPlayer after the corporation negotiated a rights deal with the family of the programme’s founder, the late Roy Plomley.

What is Tom Hanks Favorite song?

Tom Hanks is down with the single ladies. NEW YORK — Tom Hanks is down with the single ladies. Hanks first racked his brain when asked for his favorite tune of 2009 while backstage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 25th anniversary concert Thursday.

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