Is Alpina a luxury brand?

The Alpina 4 principle stresses on the four essential properties for any watch to be considered a true luxury ‘sports watch’, which are antimagnetic, antishock, water resistance and a stainless steel case.

Are Alpina Watches Swiss made?

Where are Alpina Watches Made? The two brands – Alpina and Frédérique Constant – share production facilities in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. Alpina watches are therefore Swiss-made and carry the wording on their dials.

Are Alpina watches expensive?

Alpina Watches Lines Now there are four main lines, and the prices range from around $600 to around $3,000, positioning Alpina in the affordable luxury market.

Who owns Alpina watches?

Citizen WatchAlpina / Parent organizationCitizen Watch Co., Ltd. is an electronics company primarily known for its watches and is the core company of a Japanese global corporate group based in Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Japan. Wikipedia

Is Alpina owned by citizen?

The Citizen Watch Group encompasses six unique brands: CITIZEN, Bulova, Arnold & Son, Frederique Constant, Alpina and CAMPANOLA-each proclaiming its individual achievements in innovative style and technology, which they have cultivated throughout their respective histories.

What movement does Alpina use?

However, most Alpina divers watches do rely on ETA/Valjoux movements or Sellita movements. The Alpina divers watches use either automatic movements or quartz movements.

How old is Alpina watch company?

Alpina Watches is a Swiss watch brand. Alpina was founded in 1883 and since 2002 is owned by the watch company Frederique Constant. Alpina started its “4” sports watches collection in 1938, with (at that time) innovative features such as anti-magnetism, anti-shock, water resistance.

Is Alpina Seastrong a good watch?

Overall if you are looking for an unmistakably recognizable diver watch that is affordable, the Alpina Seastrong 300 is a great choice. With its sturdy case, elegant style, quality finishing, and a reliable engine behind an exposition case back, you can’t go wrong for the price.

When did Citizen buy Alpina?

The brand, which specializes in timekeepers for active outdoors enthusiasts, was bought by Frederique Constant in 2003 and then became part of Citizen Watch Company in 2017 when both Swiss watchmakers were acquired.

Does Alpina make their own movements?

But the truth is, Alpina has manufactured its own movements for the past 130 years. This watch manufacturer is no stranger to in-house made movements. Since 2002, Alpina is known for 4 main (and new) movements introduced to the market: Small Date, Regulator, Tourbillon, and World Timer.

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