Is Adele working on a new album?

In addition, a Las Vegas concert residency titled Weekends with Adele was scheduled for 20 January–16 April 2022, and two back-to-back concerts are scheduled for 1 and 2 July 2022 at British Summer Time Hyde Park in London….30 (Adele album)

Released 19 November 2021
Recorded 2019–2021
Genre Pop soul jazz
Length 58:14

Where can I hear Adele’s new album?

Like all modern albums, you can stream Adele’s 30 on services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, and Amazon Music worldwide the day of its release, but it’s also available in a handful of deluxe physical editions through select retailers.

Is Adele releasing a 4th album?

Rumor has it … that a new Adele album is coming out, and in October 2021, the “Chasing Pavements” songstress finally announced a release date.

Will Adele release a new album in 2020?

After six long years, and much speculation, Adele will finally release her long-awaited new album in late 2021. Confirmed to be titled 30, the album will be released on November 19. Adele announced: “I’ve learned a lot of blistering truths about myself along the way.

What’s new with Adele’s new album?

Maintaining consistency with her past projects, Adele’s new album features no collaborators, the singer has confirmed. A television special and interview with Oprah Winfrey are also happening. According to Variety, a televised special titled Adele One Night Only will air on CBS five days ahead of the release of her new album, 30.

When will Adele’s new album ‘One night only’ release?

Ahead of the album’s official release, Adele will reportedly perform some of her new unreleased songs in concert for her televised CBS special, Adele One Night Only, airing November 14. In the meantime, check out the full track list below:

Is Adele’s new music just around the corner?

After weeks of hinting to fans across the globe by way of cryptic projections of the number 30, Adele has confirmed that new music is just around the corner. The 15-time Grammy winner released her first single off her fourth studio album Thursday.

When is Adele’s new album’Easy on Me’released?

In October 2021, Adele shared the first details of her new music, with a teaser video for the album’s lead single ‘Easy on Me’, released on October 15. The song debuted in full at midnight on Friday, October 15.

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