How tall is Kim Hye Yoon?

5′ 3″Kim Hye-yoon / Height

Is HWAL a Bulgasal?

Hwal was the original Bulgasal who had asked Eul Tae to turn him into Bulgasal once again when he was reincarnated and to kill his family. Sang Un has also started remembering her past and has seen the brutal, monstrous side of the original Bulgasal, Hwal.

How tall is Haru from extraordinary you?

Kim HyeYoon is 160 cm and she is tiny compared to the lead male actors with around 30 cm difference. RoWoon teased her about being adorable with her height and she was seen jokingly punching him in the arms. The set seems lively and friendly!

How tall is Lee Jae Wook in feet?

6′ 2″Lee Jae-wook / Height

Will there be a Bulgasal Season 2?

At the time of writing, tvN has not renewed Bulgasal for season 2. Given the conclusive nature of the ending, plus the ratings over the weeks, it seems unlikely that this one will be renewed but hey, stranger things have happened!

Why do I have two Bulgasal?

The female Bulgasal was reincarnated as identical twins. The older one remembers her past life, while monsters chase the younger one for her soul. As a result, the older one was killed, and Min Sang Woon only remains to seek a way to kill Bulgasal.

How old is kanghui?

30 years (November 19, 1991)Kang Hui / Age

Does Hwa extraordinary height?

Actor Jung GunJoo Of 187cm Acting As Lee DoHwa In “Extraordinary You” Is Getting Popular.

How old is Lee Jaewook?

24 years (May 10, 1998)Lee Jae-wook / Age

What is Bulgasal curse?

A child born of a dead mother is abandoned by his father and is seen as unlucky by the villagers because he was born with Bulgasal’s curse. The little kid gets adopted by the general of Goryeo and names him Hwal.

How many episodes is Bulgasal?

16Immortality / Number of episodes

Is Bulgasal popular in Korea?

Despite not making it to the Global Top 10 on Netflix, Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is the 2nd most watched title in South Korea with a current viewing score of 292 points. It also earned the 1st spot on the most buzzworthy drama for the first week of February with its cast making it to the Top 10 list as well.

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