How old is Chingy the rapper?

42 years (March 9, 1980)Chingy / Age

What happened to the singer Chingy?

In 2013, Chingy announced his departure from mainstream rap as he found religion and became a practicing Black Hebrew Israelite. Then, after reportedly leaving the religion more recently, he signed to Universal Music Group and hit the Millennium Tour with B2K and other ’00s acts from back in the day.

Who wrote Right Thurr?

Shamar DaughertyAlonzo Lee
Right Thurr/Composers

What is rapper Chingy real name?

Howard Earl Bailey Jr.Chingy / Full name

Why did Ludacris drop Chingy?

Chingy, 27, abruptly left the label to create his own, Slot-A-Lot Records, under Capitol Records in 2004 after his lawyer informed him that Ludacris and his manager Chaka Zulu were mismanaging his contract royalties.

What happened to Chingy and Ludacris?

The split from DTP saw the “Right Thurr” rapper starting his own label Slot-A-Lot Records. During the time of the feud, Chingy cited possible creative differences and the stifling of his career with the label not allow him to grow bigger than owner Ludacris.

What does Thurr mean?

THURR is a slang term. THURR stands for There. The meaning of THURR is There.

Where is rapper Chingy from?

St. Louis, MOChingy / Place of birth

What does DTP stand for Chingy?

Chingy grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and began rapping in his late teens. He toured as an opening act with Nelly in the summer of 2002 and then became a protégé of Ludacris, who signed him to his newly formed Disturbing Tha Peace (DTP) record label.

Who owns disturbing the peace?

Disturbing tha Peace
Parent company Universal
Founded 1998
Founder Ludacris Chaka Zulu Jeff Dixon
Distributor(s) Def Jam (In the US) Mercury (Outside the US)

Who made the beat for Right Thurr?

Right Thurr

“Right Thurr”
Label Capitol Priority Disturbing tha Peace
Songwriter(s) Alonzo Lee Shamar Daugherty Howard Bailey Jr
Producer(s) The Trak Starz
Chingy singles chronology
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