How much does the Seattle Art Museum cost?


Advance Day Of
ADULTS $29.99 $32.99
SENIORS (65+) $27.99 $30.99
MILITARY (WITH ID) $27.99 $30.99
STUDENTS (WITH ID) $19.99 $22.99

Who designed the Seattle Art Museum?

Robert Venturi
Brad CloepfilDenise Scott BrownCarl Frelinghuysen Gould
Seattle Art Museum/Architects

Does Pike Place have bathroom?

1of15Fall of 2008 welcomed expansion of the restrooms — two new restrooms were added on the east side of the market, doubling the amount of facilities. The bathrooms feature black and white tiling similar to that of the original facilities.

When was Seattle Art Museum built?

December 5, 1991Seattle Art Museum / Opened

What is the design of the Olympic Sculpture Park?

Winner of an international design competition, the design for the Olympic Sculpture Park capitalizes on the forty-foot grade change from the top of the site to the water’s edge. Planned as a continuous landscape that wanders from the city to the shoreline, this Z-shaped hybrid landform provides a new pedestrian infrastructure.

Where is Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle?

/  47.61639°N 122.35528°W  / 47.61639; -122.35528 /  47.61639°N 122.35528°W  / 47.61639; -122.35528 The Olympic Sculpture Park, created and operated by the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), is a public park with modern and contemporary sculpture in downtown Seattle, Washington.

Does the Eagle get a makeover at Olympic Sculpture Park?

“Editor’s Notebook: ‘Eagle’ gets a makeover at Olympic Sculpture Park”. Crosscut. Retrieved 2020-10-08. ^ Sheila Farr, Seattle Times art critic (24 January 2007).

When was Tony Smith’s sculpture at the Olympic Sculpture Park?

^ Lindsay, Erika (2 May 2005). “SAM Acquires Monumental Work by Tony Smith for the Olympic Sculpture Park, Stinger, 1967-68”. Seattle Art Museum press release.

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