How much do LACMA tickets cost?


People Residing in L.A. County with Valid ID Outside L.A. County
Youth (3–12) Free $10
Teens (13–17) Free $10
Adults $20 $25
Seniors (65+ with ID) $16 $21

Is LACMA free on Sunday?

Free general admission for all visitors on the second Tuesday of each month, and free general admission to L.A. County residents Monday through Friday after 3 pm (closed on Wednesday) 43 free Family Sundays, reaching more than 18,000 kids and families. Conservation of more than 115,000 works in our collection.

Is LACMA free on Tuesdays?

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA): The largest art museum in the western United States, LACMA houses a collection that includes nearly 130,000 objects dating from antiquity to the present, encompassing the geographic world and nearly the entire history of art. Free admission on the second Tuesday of every month.

Is the LACMA worth it?

My friends and I decided to spend a few hours at LACMA this past Sunday, and it is definitly worth visiting. We mainly went for the Stanley Kubrick exhibit, but also enjoyed most of the rest of what LACMA has to offer.

Are tar pits free?

Recent visitors loved learning something new and found the site fascinating. You can check out the tar pits completely free of charge, but museum tickets start at $15 for adults; reduced entry fees are available for children, students and seniors.

Do you have to pay to see the LACMA lights?

The Urban Lights Exhibit is Free While admission to the LACMA is not free, visiting the Urban Lights exhibit is! The Urban Lights exhibit is open to the public and free to all visitors. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is parking (or not if you use my hack below).

Can you walk on tar pits?

You can walk around inside the park for free and see tar pits. You only have to pay for parking and for entering the museum.

How long do you spend at LACMA?

The building and outside is nice and usually visitors spend few minutes there to take photos. It needs at least two hours and if you want you can spend all day.

Can you swim in the tar pits?

The tar pits are out in the open and accessible to anyone. They are surrounded by chain-link fencing, secure enough to protect the public from directly entering the dangerous pools, but small animals and wind-driven debris regularly get stuck in the muck.

Can you escape a tar pit?

Today’s tar pits are harder to spot and less deadly but they can still ruin your life, business and career just as easily. E-mail, cell phones and PDA’s will all lead you into today’s modern tar pits and suck you under if you allow them to. They can’t be escaped and they will bury you if you allow it.

What do tar pits smell like?

When you first walk up you’re greeted by kind of what you might expect, a large pit of tar. It smells like ass and there are sulfur bubbles primordially oozing on the surface.

Do you need to be vaccinated for the La Brea Tar Pits?

Do I need to be vaccinated in order to visit? In accordance with the L.A. City Municipal Code Ordinance, all visitors are welcome to enter our Museums regardless of vaccination status. As of April 1, the Museum will no longer require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

How much does La Brea Tar Pits cost?


General Admission Members Non-Members
Adults FREE $15
Seniors FREE $12
Students FREE $12
Child FREE $7

Can you swim in tar pit?

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