How many Tom Clancy Jack Ryan books are there?

The Jack Ryan/John Clark series is a series of novels by popular American novelist Tom Clancy. The series consists of 15 books over nearly 30 years – three of which have been adapted into films.

Can you read Tom Clancy books out of order?

The books in each series are listed in chronological order with the publication order listed at the end of each book. If you prefer the order in which the author published them, then start with The Hunt For Red October for the Jack Ryan books and series.

What was the last book Tom Clancy wrote?

Teeth of the Tiger is the last of Clancy’s Ryanverse novels to appear with his name as sole author on the cover.

What kind of book is Tom Clancy?

Techno-thriller spy fiction
Thomas Leo Clancy Jr.

Tom Clancy
Period 1984–2013
Genre Techno-thriller spy fiction crime fiction realistic fiction military history historical fiction
Spouses Wanda Thomas King ​ ​ ( m. 1969; div. 1999)​ Alexandra Marie Llewellyn ​ ​ ( m. 1999)​
Children 5

Is Amazon making a Jack Reacher series?

Reacher premiered exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on February 4, 2022. The series is available globally, in over 240 countries and territories, for Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

Are Tom Clancy books standalone?

The majority of Clancy’s novels are in the Jack Ryan/John Clark series (with the exception of three standalone novels). The other series (branded “Tom Clancy’s”) are series created or co-created by him and actually written by other authors such as Grant Blackwood.

Which Tom Clancy book sold the most copies?

“Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell”: 27 million copies. “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six”: 25 million copies. “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon”: 24 million copies….Tom Clancy dies: Sales figures, by the numbers

  • “The Sum of All Fears” (2002).
  • “Clear and Present Danger” (1994).
  • “Patriot Games” (1992).
  • “The Hunt for Red October” (1990).

Are Tom Clancy books still being written?

Teeth of the Tiger is the last of Clancy’s Ryanverse novels to appear with his name as sole author on the cover. After a seven-year silence, Clancy’s novels returned to the bookstores, but as “Tom Clancy with…” Those co-authoring his books are Grant Blackwood, Peter Telep, and, most often, Mark Greaney.

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