How many Rangers supporters clubs are there?

600 supporters clubs
The club has a global fan-base, with a worldwide spread of over 600 supporters clubs ranging from North America, Australasia and the Middle East to those closer to home in the United Kingdom.

Where is the biggest Rangers supporters club in the world?

DJ and Andrew from the Lewis and Harris RSC – officially recognized as the World’s Biggest Rangers Supporters Club – popped in to see us over the weekend while on holiday. It was our pleasure to welcome them to our club, and we thank them for their kind gifts.

How do I join the Rangers Supporters Club?

How do I register a Supporters Club? Please email your interest in registering a Club to [email protected]. Application forms will be emailed to you and should be completed and returned to [email protected] or posted to Rangers Ticket Centre, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD.

What are the benefits of MyGers?

In addition to directly funding our success, you will also receive Rangers benefits such as a welcome gift, ticketing priority, access to Club discounts plus exclusive competitions and experiences.

What is a MyGers membership?

For non-season ticket holders, owning a Rangers MyGers Membership gives you the best chance of accessing match tickets and also gives you access to a range of discounts and benefits.

Are Rangers fans Pro UK?

Rep gems come when your posts are rated by other community members. Celtic represents the Anti British, Catholic, IRA supporting side. Whereas Rangers are Pro British, Protestant, Unionist.

How many gold MyGers members are there?

RANGERS is delighted to confirm that MyGers has now grown to over 41,000 members cementing its status as the largest Football Club membership in Scotland and one of the biggest programmes in European football.

How many tickets can you get with MyGers?

How many home tickets can a Member buy? This can vary dependent on the game. However, for most matches, MyGers priority sales will be limited to 1 ticket per member.

What do you get with MyGers membership?

From Season 2022/2023, members will be able to earn MyGers points on a range of actions that support the Club including home match attendance, match ticket purchases, stadium tour purchases, annual RTV subscriptions and tickets to selected club events.

What does MyGers membership get you?

How many people are on MyGers?

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