How many phases are there in Defence Karachi?

8 phases
DHA Defence Karachi is divided into 8 phases, which are further subdivided into 17 sectors. Each of these phases hosts its own commercial area to provide its residents with all the daily shopping essentials.

How many people live in Defence Karachi?

The site has a aggregate population of 661,000. Mainly the residents of DHA Karachi City are belongs to Pakistan Defense Forces including Pak Army, Navy and Air Force while the civilians are also part of Housing Scheme.

Is Defence in Karachi South?

In November 2013, Jamshed Town was added into Karachi East District, after three eastern towns of that district split up to form a new district named Korangi. Now Karachi South comprise Saddar along with Clifton and Defence area.

Which is richest area Karachi?

Clifton, Karachi
Clifton is an upscale and historic seaside locality in Karachi, Pakistan. Clifton is one of the most affluent parts of the city, with some of Karachi’s most expensive real estate.

Which phase is best DHA?

Phase 8 is another top choice when it comes to living or investing in DHA Lahore. This phase is famous for its modern infrastructure and various luxurious features. However, it is considered the best DHA phase in Lahore for living and investment purposes.

Which area is south in Karachi?

South Karachi contains two of Karachi’s most affluent neighbourhoods of Clifton and Defence, by the sea. Above them is old city centre of Saddar Town which contains the old markets and areas of Karachi including Empress Market, Burns Rd, Tariq Rd, Garden and Jamshed town.

Which is the best area to live in Karachi?

Top Areas to Live in Karachi

  1. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Gulshan-e-Iqbal town is one of the prime locations and you should consider it.
  2. Gulistan-e-Johar. Gulistan-e-johar is one of the most favorite towns.
  3. DHA Karachi. After Gulistan-e-johar, we have included DHA Karachi in ours.
  4. Bahria town Karachi.
  5. North Nazimabad.

Which tehsil is DHA Karachi?

Karachi South District

Karachi South District ضلع جنوبی کراچی
Map of Karachi South District
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
Division Karachi
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