How many people get invited to NCAA?

270 men and 322 women make the meet every year. Depending on how many of those 270/322 athletes qualify in multiple events, the numbers can range some as to how many entries in each event get invited. Last year, the first year under this selection system, roughly 29 men and 38 women were invited in each event.

What times do you need to swim D2?

Women’s Division 1 swimming times

Event Tier 1 Standards (Elite Power 5 D1) Tier 2 Standards (Elite D2-D3, Strong Mid-major D1, Power 5 D1)
200 Free 1.43.2 and faster 1.47.9 – 1.49.7
500 Free 4.36.3 and faster 4.45.9– 4.53.1
1650 Free 15.53.5 and faster 16.29.9– 16.46.2
100 Fly 51.0 and faster 53.5 – 56.1

What are C times in swimming?

C This standard is for all swimmers with times below the “B” standard. Everything from 0.00 up to the “B” standard is a “C” time. Notes It is very normal for your swimmer to have different time standards for different strokes. They may even have different standards for the same stroke but different distances.

When can D2 coaches contact players?

June 15
D2 coaches can reach out to recruits starting June 15 after the athlete’s sophomore year via electronic communications, recruiting materials, phone calls and in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts.

Can D2 offer official visits?

In Division 2 and 3 you can make one official visit per college, and the number of officials visits is unlimited at the Division 2 and 3 levels. Official visits can’t exceed 48 hours starting when the recruit arrives on campus.

How many Division 1 swimming scholarships are there?

How many swimming scholarships are there?

Division Number of Teams Scholarships Limit Per Team
NCAA D1 143 9.9
NCAA D2 58 8.1
NCAA D3 200 n/a
NAIA 22 8
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