How far can a Challenger 604 fly?

With a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.82 (541 mph; 870 km/h) and an intercontinental range of over 4,000 nautical miles (7,408 km), the Bombardier Challenger 604 is well suited for any mission. Constructed on a proven airframe, the aircraft’s rugged systems and engines have been continually tested and refined.

Is a Challenger 604 a heavy jet?

The Challenger 604 executive jet is a versatile heavy jet that is highly sought after for long-range charter flights. Launched in 1995, it represents a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the Challenger 601.

What category is a Challenger 604?

1 PURPOSE AND APPLICABILITY. 1.1 The Bombardier Challenger 604 (previously known as the Canadair CL-604) is identified as model CL-600-2B16 on the FAA type Certificate Data Sheet A21EA.

How much does a Challenger 604 cost?

between $6,990,000 and $8,995,000
Cost to Purchase How much does it cost to buy a Bombardier Challenger 604? Prices range between $6,990,000 and $8,995,000 with 23 currently advertised for sale.

Does the Challenger 604 have Autothrottles?

The system automatically sets thrust during takeoff, go-around, or flight level change using the Precision Plus™ thrust management option.

How many seats does a Challenger 604 have?

9 passenger
Interior. The cabin volume for the Challenger 604 is 1,150 cubic feet. Typical configuration features 9 passenger and 2 crew seats.

What is the range of a Challenger 605?

4,598 miBombardier Challenger 605 / Range

How long of a runway does a Challenger 604 need?

At sea level on a standard day, balanced field length is nearly 6,000 feet of runway, which limits airports available to the 604. Throw some heat and elevation into the mix and the 604 will require almost 10,000 feet of runway to depart Denver when it’s about 80 degrees F.

Is the Challenger 604 a good plane?

Its elegance, dependability, and focus on passenger and pilot comfort make it an enduringly popular choice in the large-cabin business jet category. This timeless, enduring workhorse is the product of decades of innovation, planning, reorganizations, and international business drama.

How much does a Challenger 604 weigh?

48,200 pounds
Design. The Challenger 604 Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) is 48,200 pounds (21,863 kg) with a maximum range of 4,098 nm.

Does the Challenger 605 have auto throttles?

Auto-throttles are standard on the 605. The GE CF34 turbofans on the 605 are the same as those on the 604, which are also the same engines used in millions of flight hours attached to the fuselage of the CRJ series of regional jets the company has built over the past 20 years.

Does Challenger 604 have auto throttles?

This is coupled with a new enhanced auto-throttle system. This system is now installed on all production aircraft and can be retrofitted. The flight deck, cabin and baggage compartment are pressurised and air-conditioned.

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