How do you pitch to a music supervisor?

Dos and Don’ts: How To Contact Music Supervisors

  1. Do your research.
  2. Take advantage of the subject line.
  3. Make music that’s authentically yours.
  4. Have a unique presentation.
  5. Be polite and persistent.
  6. Don’t hit up music supervisors who don’t want to be contacted.
  7. Don’t cold-call music supervisors on the phone.

What does a music supervisor do?

Music supervisors artfully select and license preexisting songs and recordings for use in movies, television shows, and video games.

What websites would you use to research music supervisors contact information for music submittals?

Good old Google is a fine place to start researching music supervisors and choose your targets. SongwriterUniverse has an excellent directory of them, and Tunefind shows what music many are interested in.

How do you build relationships with music supervisors?

It’s important to develop a friendly relationship with the supervisor. Get out and meet them at industry mixers, conferences, panels, movie premieres and screenings. Make sure your music is unique and make yourself real. Like the fox says in The Little Prince, “But if you tame me, then we shall need each other.”

Who do music supervisors work with?

A music supervisor often has tight connections within the music industry. On top of that, music supervisors work closely with composers, music editors, music directors, production directors, and producers to make sure the music is just right.

What is the role of the music supervisor and how is it different from that of the composer?

By definition, a music supervisor oversees all aspects of music in a project. This can include everything from working with a composer to pitching songs to managing a budget to negotiating deals — the list goes on. Collaboration is truly at the heart of this job.

What is the most important thing a supervisor manager can do for you?

The supervisor’s overall role is to communicate organizational needs, oversee employees’ performance, provide guidance, support, identify development needs, and manage the reciprocal relationship between staff and the organization so that each is successful. 1.

Are music supervisors union?

Over 75% of Film and Television Music Supervisors signed union cards agreeing to have IATSE, on their behalf, petition the AMPTP for voluntary recognition of their union. Music Supervisors have wanted union representation for a long time and with the support of IATSE, that time has come.

Why can’t supervisors join unions?

The main reason why managers are prevented from joining unions is to prevent a conflict of interest. A supervisor not only manages the labor force that makes up a union, but it also negotiates its labor contracts, determines their pay and benefits and makes decisions about hiring, firing, or discipling employees.

What qualifications do you need to be a music supervisor?

Musically trained with strong knowledge on the history of recording artists and music history. Network skills and well connected within the publishing industries and music recording. Knowledge of music licensing practices. Organized when working around deadlines.

Can employees talk about unions at work?

Also, restrictions on your efforts to communicate with co-workers cannot be discriminatory. For example, your employer cannot prohibit you from talking about the union during working time if it permits you to talk about other non-work-related matters during working time.

Are there unions for supervisors?

Managers and supervisors are also not protected by the NLRA, and cannot join unions or be part of the bargaining unit. These employees are considered to be part of a company’s management rather than its labor force.

What software do music supervisors use?

DISCO was built by supervisors, for supervisors. Have people deliver music direct to you. Cut down the time it takes to search with innovative discovery features, and access your library from anywhere. It’s the most intuitive and streamlined platform for music supervisors.

What is the difference between a music supervisor and a composer?

A film or TV composer will craft an original score, usually non-diegetic in nature, it is the music supervisor’s job to weave existing source music and songs around the composer’s original material.

Is it hard to fire a union employee?

In a unionized environment, firing a union employee is rare, unless their conduct is egregious. Steps of progressive disciplinary action include oral notice of concerns, written warning, letter of expectation, mandatory corrective action plan and formal letters of reprimand prior to the actual termination.

Who picks music for shows?

music supervisor
The music supervisor is the head of the music department on a film or television show, and they select and license music for the production. Most music supervisors work as freelancers on a project basis, but others can be employed by a production company or a music-supervision company.

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