How do you get red bricks in Lego City?

Attract Bricks – Use the Astronaut disguise on the special block at the top of the stairs. It will teleport a red mail box to the area. Destroy the mailbox to collect the red brick.

What do all the red bricks do in LEGO City Undercover?

There are hundreds of collectibles spread across LEGO City. Finding them all can be a daunting task, but you can make it easier on yourself by finding and activating red bricks. Red bricks give you powers, like becoming invincible or being able to use nitrous in every vehicle.

Where is the Red Brick in Lego City Airport?

Red Brick – Head to the hangars south of the airport runways and use Rex to break into the locked door on the red building there. The Super Fast Travel brick will be waiting for you inside. Silver Statue – This statue is out in the open to the northwest of the airport.

Where is the Red Brick in downtown LEGO City Undercover?

Red Brick – Climb the buildings to the northeast and look for a series of locked doors. Break into the one with the brick to attain the Wonder Whistle power. Silver Statue – On the southwest side of town, near the water, you’ll find this statue.

Where is the Red Brick in Auburn Lego City?

Go to the southern end of Auburn and look for a small green trash bin. Break it and use the data pad to follow the footprints. The trail will lead to a Red Brick.

What happens when you get 100% in LEGO City Undercover?

Even if you HAVE 100 % completed the game, there’s still TONS that you can do! For example, you can: create custom characters, showcase all your characters/vehicles, etc!

What does the police siren hat do in LEGO City Undercover?

Police Siren Hat is a Red Brick in LEGO City Undercover which adds a police siren hat to all of Chase McCain’s disguises.

How many red bricks are in LEGO City Undercover?

40 Red Bricks
Out of all the bricks you can find in Lego City: Undercover, the Red Bricks are the hardest to come by and with good reasons. Unlike the hundreds of Gold Bricks you can acquire in the game, there are only 40 Red Bricks.

Where are all the super builds in Lego City?

Ferry (15K) – Behind the Police station. Takes you to Albatross Island for a mission.

  • Ferry (15K) – Behind the Police station.
  • Fountain (15K) – Near the train station.
  • Helipad (20K) – On the roof of the Police Station (Vehicle: Responder)
  • Call-In-Point (8K) – Next to the Police Station (Vehicle: Imprisoner)

What does the costumes Red Brick do?

Costumes is a Red Brick in LEGO City Undercover which causes characters in the game to wear costumes.

How do you get unlimited dynamite in Lego City Undercover?

This red brick cannot be used during Special Assignments….Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop.

Unlimited Dynamite
Game LEGO City Undercover
Brick No. 36
Cost 100,000 studs
Disguises needed to obtain Farmer

How do you unlock MOV in Lego City Undercover?

M.O.V. is an emergency vehicle which is used by the LEGO City Police Department. It can be unlocked by building a Call-In Point at the LEGO City Airport.

What does the costumes Red Brick Do Lego City?

What is the fastest car in LEGO City?

The Lantos
The Lantos is the best accelerated car in the game. and also the fastest cars in the game.

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