How do you find the lowest price?

Follow these nine steps to ensure you get the lowest available price on almost everything you’re buying.

  1. Scrutinize prices.
  2. Know where to find coupons.
  3. Consider refurbished.
  4. Set sale alerts.
  5. Ask for a rain check.
  6. Speak to a store associate.
  7. Be social.
  8. Shop secondhand.

Who is Shady Rays owned by?

Chris Ratterman is the Founder and CEO of Shady Rays. He holds a BSBA in Marketing and Finance from Xavier University and an MBA from Indiana University Southeast. Chris bootstrapped Shady Rays from a side bedroom in 2012 before enlisting the help of his father to ship all orders from his living room in the early days.

How much is Shady Rays processing fee?

For replacement of broken frames only, a processing fee of $9.89 applies. For all other Prescription Eyewear Replacement Requests, a processing fee of $24.99 is required for each replacement. Items will be replaced with the same style and color, provided supplies are available.

How do I use a promo code on Digicel top up?

When you’ve got a promo code, click the ‘Top Up’ options in the ‘Select Product’ category of the online top up page, then unfold the ‘Use promo code’ option. Can I set up my Digicel top up to be automatic?

What are the new Digicel rewards?

INTRODUCING OUR NEW DIGICEL REWARDS! Now you will be rewarded with Loyalty Points on every Top Up of K3 or More. That’s right! The more you Top Up, the more points you get.. The Points you earn can be used to redeem airtime (Credits), Bonus Credits, Data Plans, Voice Plans, and 1TOK Plans. Don’t Miss out!

How do I get the Digicel traveler plan promotions?

Our Tourists to have the best experience with us and be a part of the Digicel Family. To qualify for Traveler Plan Promotions, you will need to purchase a tourist SIM pack from our Nadi Airport Store and Top Up by FJ$10, FJ$15 or FJ$30 to receive the Traveler Bundles.

Are there any administration or exchange fees when using Digicel?

No administration or exchange fees are incurred when using Digicel to top up, wherever you are in the world. Once you’ve arranged and paid through a mobile top up, your account should receive an immediate notification via email which will include all the details of your payment. If you do not receive this, please contact customer services.

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