How do you design an exhibition stand?

Read our six top tips below.

  1. Know your objectives and set goals. Before you get going with the design of your exhibition stand, think about what you want to achieve.
  2. Tell people why they should visit.
  3. Make good use of your space.
  4. Attract attention.
  5. Choose your giveaways carefully.
  6. Don’t forget your biggest asset.

What is modular stand?

Most modular stands are self-build systems that are easy to assemble and dismantle and do not necessarily require technical assistance. Modular stands retain their core structure which ensures swift assembly of the stand. Custom Exhibition Stand (Prototype) Custom build exhibition stands.

What is modular display?

Modular displays are an off-the-shelf solution for a trade show booth that appears fully customized. Exhibits are considered modular when they work as building blocks that you can mix and match to form different combinations. Modular displays are extremely versatile.

How do I create a stand design?

How to Design the Perfect Display Stand

  1. In order to create the best possible display stand – such as a banner or pop up display – you need to submit quality artwork before the display is printed.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Use relevant high resolution images.
  4. Answer customer questions.
  5. Make sure they remember you.
  6. Colour it in.

What makes a great exhibition stand?

Make your brand your theme or do something relevant to your message and make your exhibition stand, well, stand out! It can help you to stay consistent and focused, with a concept that will continue to keep people interested. People will remember the stand that is well-branded, well lit and themed extremely well.

What is exhibition system?

Exhibit Systems offer an extensive hire stock range of modular components to construct hundreds of exhibition booths of any size. All systems are easy to install, flexible and of the highest quality, which means that you and your exhibitors receive the best product available, with a trouble free setup and dismantle.

What do you need for an exhibition?

The essential exhibition checklist

  1. Book your exhibition stand. Begin by booking your space at the show.
  2. Review your exhibition show objectives.
  3. Set your budget.
  4. Check your paperwork.
  5. Decide on a scheme.
  6. Choose your exhibition stand contractor.
  7. Start planning your exhibition stand.
  8. Consider the finishing touches.

What do you need for an exhibition stand?


  1. Your stand panels and graphics are the obvious one, don’t forget these or you’ll look very plain!
  2. Any portable display stand equipment (think brochure racks and pop-up counters)
  3. Power: Chargers, batteries and extension leads.
  4. Sticky fixers: Sellotape, Blu-Tack, string, fishing wire, drawings pins, etc,

What are the types of exhibition stands?

There are three main types of exhibition stands:

  • Pop up displays.
  • Custom stands.
  • Modular stands.

What is a exhibition stand?

Meaning of exhibition stand in English a section of an exhibition where a particular company shows their products or information about their products: The sales team will be manning an exhibition stand in the main hall throughout the conference.

How do you plan an exhibition space?

Here are a few top tips to on how to design an exhibition space and ensure your next exhibition is a success.

  1. Plan Your Exhibition Design.
  2. Keep Their Attention.
  3. Be Bold and Creative.
  4. Design It Interactive.
  5. Develop an App.
  6. Focus on your Brand Identity.
  7. Graphics Layout.
  8. Video and Animation.

How do you set up an exhibition booth?

How To Set Up A Trade Show Booth That Knocks Your Customers’ Socks Off

  1. Bring in your best clients.
  2. Keep an eye on adjacent markets.
  3. Stay active on social media.
  4. Compile an email list.
  5. Connect with Customers at Your Trade Show Booth.
  6. Meet the other exhibitors.
  7. Demonstrate your product.
  8. Host games, surveys or quizzes.

How do you arrange an exhibition stall?

Organising an exhibition stand isn’t a walk in the park

  1. Select the right show to attend.
  2. Select the floor space to suit your needs.
  3. Read the exhibitor manual.
  4. Decide on whether you want to buy an exhibition stand you can customise and reuse, or you only want to hire an exhibition stand.

What is the most common type of stand?

Row stand. Out of all the different types of stands, the most common stand is a row stand. Row stands are adjoined on three sides by neighboring stands.

How do you plan a booth design?

5 Ways to Make an Awesome Booth Design

  1. Stand Out.
  2. Prominently Display Your Name and What You Do.
  3. Give Them a Reason to Approach.
  4. Make it Easily Accessible.
  5. Have Something for Attendees to Take Away.

What should I prepare for an exhibition booth?

10 Tips to Make Your Next Exhibition Booth a Success

  • Have a clear set of goals.
  • Be prepared.
  • Competitor research.
  • Stand design and planning.
  • 6-week marketing campaign.
  • First impressions are key.
  • Include interactivity.
  • Promotional material.

What do I need for an exhibition stand?


  • Your stand panels and graphics are the obvious one, don’t forget these or you’ll look very plain!
  • Any portable display stand equipment (think brochure racks and pop-up counters)
  • Power: Chargers, batteries and extension leads.
  • Sticky fixers: Sellotape, Blu-Tack, string, fishing wire, drawings pins, etc,

What is Exhibition stand?

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