How do you counter Jinx?

  1. Leona. Leona is one of the best counters to Jinx because of her sheer amount of CC.
  2. Senna. A hybrid support/ADC that can out damage most ADC champions during the late game thanks to her passive.
  3. Xerath. With the rising popularity of Mage support champions, Xerath is great Poke support you can use against Jinx.
  4. Vel’Koz.
  5. Lux.

Who goes well with Jinx ADC?

Nami. Nami is easily the enchanter support with the most potential in the bot lane.

  • Blitz. Blitz has a very dominating presence in the bot lane.
  • Braum. Braum is a fantastic support to have when playing Jinx.
  • Thresh.
  • Janna.
  • Yuumi.
  • Leona.
  • How do you beat Jinx late game?

    The laning phase for Ziggs shouldn’t be a problem. In the late game, due to an ultimate with a large radius and a nice amount of burst damage, you should be able to catch Jinx out of position and delete her from the fight. Ziggs sits at a 52.59 percent win rate against Jinx at the moment.

    What is Jinx role?

    Position/Role Jinx is a Marksman or ADC and plays bottom lane. Unlike some Attack Damage Carries (ADC), Jinx cannot really fill another role, playing her in top would be suicide since she has no real escape and playing her in mid would not be advisable, since she takes a while to ramp up in damage.

    Is jinx bad early game?

    Atrocious early game as she does no damage during that stage and is very vulnerable to all-ins. She can easily be zoned out of CS, which is not a good thing for her as she needs her core items to be useful….DOWNLOAD MOBALYTICS DESKTOP APP.

    Tier A-
    Win rate 50.3%
    Pick rate 10.0%
    Ban rate 1.2%

    Who is the strongest late game champ in league?

    1. Kassadin. And the ultimate best late-game champion in League of Legends is Kassadin! Yes, he has more room to fail than Master Yi since he is very weak at the start, but he makes up for it tenfold later on.

    What Lane is Jinx?

    Jinx is a Marksman or ADC and plays bottom lane.

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