How do you compliment someone in Pashto?

سترګې دی خایسته دي stargy de khaaista dee means “Your eyes are beautiful.”. This phrase is used to answer to a compliment. For example, if someone tells you that you have beautiful hair, you would answer by saying “stargy de Khaaista dee”.

How do you say thank you in Pashto?

In correct, pure Pashto the word is manana (not mañana!!), though most people would use mihrbaanii, which is often pronounced merabaanii.

How do you call your lover in Pashto?

Another term of endearment you will often hear in Pashto is ‘da zrra qarara’ which literally means ‘the solace of my heart’. Try this with someone you love….Romantic Phrases in Pashto.

I like you Ta zama khwakh ye
I miss you Ta ma ta der yadegy
My beloved, my love Jaanaana
I am in love with you Zu pa ta mayan yama

How do you say romantic in Pashto?

  1. Za ta sara meena kwam = I love you.
  2. Ta zama khwakh ye = I like you.
  3. Za ta der yadawom = I miss you very much.
  4. ta ma ta der yadegy = I miss you.
  5. Da zrra sara/sare = with heart.
  6. pa zra me har wakht rawarege = I miss u all the time.
  7. Ta der kabarjan ye = (means) you are not giving any attention to me.

What is GHAQ?

leg, foot, knee.

What does WRAK Sha mean in Pashto?

Meaning of wrak sha in English or Pashto ورک شه Get lost. ورک شه go away.

What does Jaar mean in Pashto?

Meaning of Jar in English or Pashto جار public crying , sacrifice. جر

How do you say words in Pashto?

It is also called Pakhto, Pukhto, Pashtu,or Pushtu) in Afghanistan it is also referred to as Afghani Language….

English Pushto
Hello Assalam O Alaikum
Goodbye da khoday pa amaan
Good morning sahr pikheyr or Assalam O Alaikum or sahr mo pa kheyr

What does Shirina mean in Pashto?

(Shirina Pronunciations) Indian meaning: Sweet, charming.

What is GHUG?

a man who acts violently, especially to commit a crime: Some thugs smashed his windows. Synonyms. goon (CRIMINAL) mainly US informal.

What is ghag?

“Ghag” means a custom, usage, tradition or practice whereby a. person forcibly demands or claims the hand of a woman, without her. own or her parents’ or wali’s will and free consent, by making an. open declaration either by words spoken or written or by visible.

What does AAO Kana mean in Pashto?

Teaching others teacheth yourself – علم دوسروں کو دینے سے بڑھتا ہے ao kana Pronunciation – تلفظ سنیۓ ہان جی

What is meant by Laka Da Maar?

His mean “laka da maar” it’s mean “like a snack 🥨”

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