How do I train to be an Executive Assistant?

The path to becoming an executive assistant

  1. Get the right education. An entry-level administrative assistant usually needs a high school diploma to kick-start their career.
  2. Obtain relevant certification.
  3. Get the right training and work experience.
  4. Hone the right skills.
  5. Network and learn.

Which course is best for Executive Assistant?

Top executive assistant Online Courses & Certifications

Course or Certification Name Category
Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management & Analytics Degree Programs
Executive MBA in Financial Markets by NSE Degree Programs
Executive Masters in Management Degree Programs

Is executive assistant to CEO a good job?

Yes, a career as an executive assistant to a CEO can be a great career. Executive assistants are usually paid between $50,000 per year and $95,000 per year. This salary can be much higher for executive assistants who work under CEOs, especially in prospering companies and organizations.

How do I start my career as an executive assistant?

Most executive assistant job postings prefer candidates that have at least three years of administrative experience. Experience can be obtained through a job, volunteer position or internship.

What does an executive assistant do?

An executive assistant helps the executive for whom they work with tasks such as scheduling; reviewing, prioritizing and responding to emails; answering and returning phone calls; organizing documents; maintaining records; taking notes at meetings and any other administrative tasks that help the executive perform their …

What to Know Before becoming an executive assistant?

Don’t worry—there are ways to become an Executive Assistant even if you’re fresh out of school or looking to make a major career switch….Specific Responsibilities

  • Calendaring.
  • Scheduling.
  • Organizing.
  • IT troubleshooting.
  • Providing strategic counsel.
  • Managing perks.
  • Implementing processes.
  • Managing payroll.

What does an EA to the CEO do?

An executive assistant to a CEO performs administrative tasks such as answering calls and writing memos. They also research and write reports that can affect company policy and are typically in charge of training and supervising other office staff.

How do I start as an executive assistant?

Executive assistant certification is available from many accredited colleges and professional organizations. For example, you can obtain the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant (ACEA) by attending a five-day, in-person training course or completing the courses remotely.

What is a C-level executive assistant?

A C-Level executive assistant supports a CEO and other executive committee members. C-Level assistants are a company’s most skilled and highly paid administrative staff. In larger organizations, a C-Level assistant may oversee a team of lower-level assistants.

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