How do I make an appointment with Bituach Leumi?

National call center *6050 or 04-8812345

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How do I contact Bituach Leumi?

National call center *6050 or 04-8812345

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What is Bituach Leumi Israel?

Bituach Leumi (The National Insurance Institute of Israel) is the body responsible for the payment of various pensions and allowances to those who are insured and eligible under the National Insurance Law.

How do I register for Bituach Leumi online?

Bring your Israeli passport, foreign passport and your original birth certificate. Once you have a teudat zehut card, make an appointment with Misrad Haklita as above to re-establish residency. You can then register for Bituach Leumi online by sending the BL628 form.

Do you need an appointment for Misrad HaPnim?

Services are available by appointment only. To book an appointment, click HERE. All Misrad Hapnim branches are closed on Wednesday mornings.

What is the retirement age in Israel?

The pension age is gradually increasing since 2004 with increases from 65 to 67 years for men and from 60 years to 62 years for women. Men’s retirement age reached 67 years in 2009 while women’s is 62 increasing to 64 by 2022. There are limits on the earnings from work for pensioners until age 70 for men.

How much is the Israeli pension?

The basic old age pension is NIS 1,531 per month for an individual. In the case of a couple where one of them is not eligible for an old age pension, the pension is NIS 2,301, composed of the pension for an individual with an increment for the spouse.

Who pays for Israel health Care?

Government spending on healthcare is about 60% of the total, considerably below the average for OECD countries of 72%. Although most residents are covered under the National Health Insurance Law, some exceptions apply to people who receive state-funded healthcare through other means.

What time does Misrad Hapnim open?

Monday: 8am-12pm and 2.30pm-5pm. Tuesday: 8am-12pm. Wednesday: 1.30pm-5pm. Thursday: 8am-12pm.

How can I get appointment in Misrad Hapnim?

Email or call your local branch of Misrad Haklita to schedule an appointment with a personal Klita counselor, you can find the contact information here. After your initial registration with Misrad Haklita you will be able to schedule appointments for Misrad Haklita through the website or app.

How much is the pension in Israel?

At what age do you retire in Israel?

What is retirement age in Israel?

As of December 2021 the retirement age for men is 67 and 60-65 for women (Depends on the date of birth).

Is hospital free in Israel?

Every Israeli citizen is entitled to health care services under the National Health Insurance Law. Every resident has a right to register as a member of a Kupat Holim of his/her choice, free of any preconditions or limitations stemming from his/her age or the state of his/her health.

Can I go to Misrad Hapnim without appointment?

Soldiers (in uniform) can be processed without an appointment. Each Misrad Hapnim Branch serves ONLY the residents of its own region.

Do you need an appointment for Misrad Hapnim?

The Ministries that you can schedule appointments for on MyVisit include: Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Integration) Misrad Hapnim (The Ministry of Interior – רשות האוכלוסין וההגירה The Population and Immigration Authority)

What is the best city to live in Israel?


1. Jerusalem
2. Tel Aviv
3. Haifa
4. Ashdod
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