How do I contact HP customer service by phone?

Call 800-565-9917.

How do you unlock a HP laptop?

How to Unlock an HP Laptop

  1. Reset your Microsoft account’s password.
  2. Reset your own Windows password via the Command Prompt.
  3. Reset another user’s passwords in Windows.
  4. Use a Windows password reset disk.
  5. Reset your HP laptop.

What do I do if I get locked out of my HP laptop?

How Do You Unlock A HP Laptop If You Forgot the Password?

  1. Use the hidden administrator account.
  2. Use a password reset disk.
  3. Use a Windows installation disk.
  4. Use HP Recovery Manager.
  5. Factory reset your HP laptop.
  6. Contact a local HP store.

What is HP support system?

HPSA or HP Support Assistant is a free utility on Hewlett Packard computers released after 2012 that helps avoid and resolve problems with the computer using updates and self-help options.

How do I get into my HP computer if I forgot my password?


  1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to the Microsoft Reset your password webpage.
  2. Select I forgot my password, and then click Reset your password.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

What do I do when my locked out of my HP laptop?

How do you contact HP by phone?

Contact HP / Customer Service. Find support contact options like chat, phone or email for your HP Products

How to contact HP support phone number?

Technical Support for Commercial Products, call us on 0207 660 0403. Register your HP product. Find information about your Windows 11 Upgrade. If you need help completing your order please contact our telesales team on 0207 660 3859.

How do I contact HP?

Turn off the HP computer and disconnect non-essential cables and devices such as printers,fax machines and flash drives.

  • Power on your system and press “F11” repeatedly until you see the Recovery Manager screen.
  • Click “System Recover” under the left section,labeled “I Need Help Immediately.”
  • How to talk to HP customer service?

    Allows HP to keep the Proprietary Service Tools resident on your systems or sites,and assist HP in running them;

  • Install Proprietary Service Tools,including installation of any required updates and patches;
  • Use the electronic data transfer capability to inform HP of events identified by the software;
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