How do I change the battery in my Polar Bluetooth Smart?

A small screwdriver or house key works well to pop open the case. The Polar H7 Module has a slot in the battery case. The battery case is opened by turning the case from the “closed” to “open’ position. The cap can then be removed and the battery can be replaced.

How do you pair Polar?

To pair a phone: In the Flow app, go to Devices and choose Polar Ignite. On your watch, press and hold the button in time mode OR go to Settings > General settings > Pair and sync > Pair and sync phone and tap the display. Open Flow app and bring your watch close to phone is displayed on your watch.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my Polar A300?

  1. Go to General Settings > Pair and sync > Pair other device and press START.
  2. A300 starts searching for your scale.
  3. Step on the scale.
  4. Once the scale is found, the device ID Polar scale xxxxxxxx is displayed on your A300.
  5. Press START, Pairing is displayed.
  6. Pairing completed is shown when you are done.

Can iPhone connect to heart rate monitor?

Connect Heart Rate Monitor via Apple Health App on iPhone Tap on the HRM name to initiate the connection (“pairing”) and it should appear in the MY DEVICES list. A loading spinner will appear next to it and when the connection is successful the word Connected will appear.

Why won’t my Polar watch connect to my phone?

Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your phone settings. Make sure location is enabled for Polar Flow app in the phone’s application settings. On Android 6 and newer devices, location permission is needed to scan for Bluetooth devices. Make sure Flow app is running on your phone and keep it at the foreground.

How do I connect my Polar device to my phone?

To pair a phone: On your phone, open Flow app and sign in with your Polar account, which you have created when setting up your watch. Android users: If you have several Flow app compatible Polar devices in use, make sure you have chosen Polar Ignite as the active device in the Flow app.

What GPS does Polar use?

You can choose GPS + GLONASS, GPS + Galileo or GPS + QZSS. The default setting is GPS + GLONASS. These options give you the possibility to test different satellite navigation systems and find out if they can give you improved performance in areas covered by them. GLONASS is a Russian global satellite navigation system.

How do I factory reset my Polar A300?

If you experience problems with your A300, try resetting it. Reset your A300 by pressing and holding the UP, DOWN, BACK and LIGHT buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds until the Polar animation is shown on the display.

How do I pair my Polar A300 with heart rate monitor?

  1. Go to General Settings > Pair and sync > Pair other device and press START.
  2. When Pairing is displayed, touch the heart rate sensor with your A300.
  3. Pairing completed is displayed when you’re done.

How do I find settings on my Polar watch?

To view and edit your general settings, go to Settings > General settings. In General settings you’ll find: Pair and sync. Bike settings (Visible only if you have paired a cycling sensor with your watch)

Are Polar apps free?

Turn your phone into a fitness tracker with Polar Beat, the ultimate free fitness, running, and workout app. Train with real-time voice guidance, use GPS to track your route and distance, and share your achievements with your friends.

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