How do dentists prepare for MMI interviews?

How Can I Prepare For MMI Interviews?

  1. Practise common MMI questions and don’t forget to think about your time management when doing this.
  2. Make sure you have some knowledge of the Dental School/the course and can explain why you particularly want to study there.

How many people apply for dentistry at Cardiff?

How many people were interviewed in 2020/21 at Cardiff? Approximately 249 applicants were given a Cardiff University Dentistry Interview.

Is Cardiff University good for dentistry?

Cardiff University’s School of Dentistry was ranked 1st in the Guardian University Guide 2016 and the Times Good University Guide 2016, making it the best place to study dentistry in the UK. The BDS course is delivered in the only Dental hospital in Wales.

Is Cardiff Dental School good?

The course offers extensive clinical training in Dental Hospitals as well as community dental services and the state of the art clinical skills laboratory. Cardiff Dental School was the highest ranked Dental School in the UK in 2016.

What is Cardiff University acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate of Cardiff University is 19.14%. There were 25,285 applicants in the month of June 2018 and out of which 4,840 students are accepted.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years Sample answers dentist?

Sample Answer: I’ve been working in the dental field for five years and have experience with all aspects of the profession. I’m a team player and am willing to take on any task that is required of me. I’m also computer literate and am proficient with Dentrix, which is the software used in your office.

How many dental schools are there in Cardiff?

64 Home
APPLICATION PROCEDURE. There are 64 Home / EU places available on the Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS (Hons) 5 year programme.

Does Cardiff Uni do dentistry?

We are ranked in the Top 10 for dentistry in the UK (The Complete University Guide 2022) and Top 60 globally for dentistry in the 2021 QS World University Rankings.

How many MMI stations are there in the Cardiff dentistry interview?

There are normally 10 MMI stations in the Cardiff Dentistry Interview, each lasting 5 minutes but these timings haven’t been confirmed by Cardiff for 2021/22 entry. What are the Cardiff Dentistry Interview Dates? The MMIs will be held from Monday 17 January 2022 to Friday 21 January 2022 for 2021/22 entry.

Are there any free dentistry MMI mocks for the NHS?

Have a pick of the different free Dentistry MMI Mocks we have for you! If you’re preparing for your Dentistry Interview and you’re worried about topics like the NHS Traffic Light System, Fluoridation of Water or the Banding System – Get to grips with our lovely Dentistry MMI mocks on offer to help guide your revision!

What do MMI universities look for in an interview?

– this is a favourite for MMI Universities and often they’ll have an interviewer who grills you on that single question for 5 minutes! We also explore other topics such as the specialities, important roles of a doctor and the multidisciplinary team.

What is the interview process like at Dental Academy?

The interviews focus on exploring the personal qualities and attributes important in developing good dentists in the future. Invitations to interview will be sent via email with a link to the online booking system.

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