How big do gold dust plants get?

Gold Dust Plant

genus name Aucuba
plant type Shrub
height 3 to 8 feet
width 3 to 6 feet
flower color White

How fast does Gold Dust aucuba grow?

Aucuba grows slowly, taking 10 to 20 years to reach a mature height of 6 to 10 feet and spreading to cover a 4- to 6-feet diameter; under ideal conditions, it can reach more than 15 feet tall. The plant thrives as a groundcover or hedge in dry, shaded areas that are unsuitable for most plants.

How much sun does a gold dust plant need?

In these ideal conditions, it can also reach 15 feet tall. If you want your plant to thrive at its full potential, you should recreate its natural environment. It loves full shade and rich, deep, moist soil.

How do you take care of gold dust plants?

Established plants have good drought tolerance. Mature shrubs will only need to be watered once every few weeks but more often in drought-like conditions. Newly planted gold dust plants should be watered on a weekly basis (or even twice a week), at least through their first growing season.

Is gold dust plant indoor or outdoor?

The gold dust plant is a durable indoor plant that is suitable for all levels of gardener. This forest-dwelling evergreen will bring nature indoors and delight viewers with its gold-flecked lush green leaves. You can let this lovely plant grow tall indoors or can keep it small and delightful on a pot on your table.

Is gold dust plant toxic to dogs?

Although it can grow outdoors in warm climates, such as Florida and Louisiana, it is mostly seen as an indoor plant in the home or office. The entire gold dust dracaena is poisonous to dogs. although the most toxic parts are the berries and flowers.

Why is my gold dust plant losing leaves?

Gold Dust Crotons will let you know if you are not watering them as they would like. If your plant begins dropping its leaves, this may be a sign that you are not watering it enough. Too much water, on the other hand, and your shrub will begin to wilt.

Is gold dust plant indoor?

Why is my gold dust plant yellow?

Water Issues Can Cause Yellow Leaves. Both over and underwatering can cause your Gold Dust Croton to have yellow leaves. For me, the best way to tell if there are water issues is to use a soil moisture meter. Something simple like this soil moisture meter will do the trick.

Why is my gold dust plant dropping leaves?

Is Gold Dust poisonous to cats?

Toxicity to pets Gold dust Dracaena (Dracaena surculosa) is more shrub-like than other Dracaena. Symptoms from ingestion are generally mild and temporary and can include GI upset (drooling, vomiting, anorexia) and incoordination (ataxia). Cats may also develop an elevated heart rate, dilated pupils and abdominal pain.

Why is my gold dust plant Brown?

Twisted or browning leaves may be a sign of underwatering. If the leaves start to droop, check the soil and water. If your Croton’s colors fade, it is a sign of lack of sunlight.

Are Gold dust plants toxic?

The berries of the gold dust dracaena plant are the most toxic, and can cause more serious problems, such as increased heart rate and can even cause your dog to lose control of his body movements. Since this is a plant that most people have in their homes, it is commonly a cause of plant toxicity.

Why is my gold dust plant dying?

If you regularly water your Gold Dust Croton but it begins to wilt this is a sign of overwatering. Unlike most plants that wilt when they do not get enough water, this plant wilts when it is receiving too much water.

Are Gold Dust aucuba toxic to dogs?

Clinical Signs: In cats: dilated pupils, abdominal pain, increased heartrate and drooling. In both cats and dogs: vomiting, depression, inappetence, drooling, incoordination, and weakness.

Does aucuba like sun or shade?

Shade. Deeper shade means brighter leaf color. Plants tolerate partial shade, but leaves turn black if they get too much sun. Mild temperatures. Japanese aucuba plants survive winters in USDA plant hardiness zones 7b through 10.

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