Does Germany have a phone book?

The German White Pages (Das Telefonbuch) is available online in German only; enter the name (Was) and the town (Wo), and the search result will provide a list of telephone numbers and complete addresses, including postal codes.

How can I find a telephone number in Germany?

The regulation of telephone numbers in Germany is the responsibility of the Federal Network Agency (German: Bundesnetzagentur, BNetzA) of the German government….Telephone numbers in Germany.

Typical format (0xx…) xx…
Access codes
Country calling code +49
International call prefix 00

How do I find an address for someone in Germany?

How to find a person in Germany: 10 ways to search for people in Germany by their first and last name

  1. Start search.
  2. Register of registration, residence permit.
  3. Register of registration through online services.
  4. Search engines.
  5. Phone books, directories.
  6. Search through friends.
  7. Organizations of foreign diasporas.
  8. Bulletin boards.

How do I find someone’s current address for free? is the leading source of contact information in the United States. If a person is listed in the phone directory, you’ll likely find him here. It’s completely free to run a basic search; just type the person’s name into the search field, and see what turns up.

How do I find a lost family member in Germany?

The German Salvation Army (”Heilsarmee“) supports close relatives finding missing persons in Germany. Calling up a private detective agency is known as a very efficient though costly option. Addresses can be found online or in the yellow pages.

How can I find someone to speak German?

12 Great Ways to Find a Partner for German Language Exchange

  1. italki. German teachers available: 200+
  2. Couchsurfing. Members: 2 million+
  3. The Mixxer. Members who speak German: ca.
  4. Polyglot Club. Members who teach German: ca.
  5. Members offering German: 1,400+
  6. Tandem Partners.
  7. SprachDuo.
  8. Meetup.

How to dial phone numbers in Germany?

How to dial German phone numbers. There are 3 ways to call a German phone number: Dial the whole number. For example, +49 152 901820 or 0049 152 901820. You must put a + or a 00 in front of the number. When you call from another country, dial the whole number. Dial the regional number. For example, 030 901820.

How to find a person in Germany?

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How do I find someone in Germany? has a success rate of over 98%! No matter if the person disappeared a month or ten years ago, or has since then changed his name or deceased.

How to call Germany?

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