Does David Coulthard work for Red Bull?

After retiring from Formula One, Coulthard continued working with Red Bull as a consultant and joined the BBC as a commentator and pundit for their coverage of Formula One.

Who drove for Red Bull in 2013?

Teams and drivers

Entrant Constructor Race drivers
Infiniti Red Bull Racing Red Bull Racing-Renault Sebastian Vettel
Mark Webber
Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari Fernando Alonso
Felipe Massa

Is Max Verstappen the best F1 driver?

“I would buy Verstappen. He is the best driver in Formula 1 and we saw that already last year,” Briatore told Rai Radio in Italy, when asked who he would choose between the Dutchman and Leclerc. “He has more experience this year. He fought for the World title and already won.

Is Hamilton better than Verstappen?

According to the data on, last season Verstappen secured 10 pole positions compared with Hamilton’s 10, and the Red Bull man was faster in 13 races, compared with Hamilton’s nine. Therefore, it seems at the moment that Verstappen has the edge over his bitter rival.

Why did David Coulthard leave Red Bull?

Coulthard continued as a driver at Red Bull in 2007, partnered by Webber. He endured a torrid start: Coulthard retired in Australia following a collision with Williams driver Alexander Wurz, and in the following race in Malaysia, he retired with brake problems.

Why did David Coulthard change his helmet colour?

For the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix, he changed his design to grey with a stylised saltire on the sides of his helmet, as an homage to the late World Rally Champion Colin McRae. Coulthard has lived for some time in Monaco, and also owns homes in London, Belgium and Switzerland.

When did David Coulthard return to racing?

On 4 April 2010, Coulthard announced a return to motor racing when he secured a contract to drive for Mücke Motorsport and would be partnered by Maro Engel. Coulthard started the season by finishing in the first two races and retired from a collision in Lausitz.

Why did David Coulthard not score in Formula 1?

Coulthard was unable to score in the next four rounds, due to being involved in a collision in Argentina and contended with unreliability with his car. The factor of unreliability had an impact throughout the season, which became notable in Canada when Coulthard made a pit stop while leading and the car developed clutch problems.

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