Does ban have a lover?

Elaine is the love interest of Ban in the series The Seven Deadly Sins. She’s a fairy, King’s sister, and the Guardian Saint of the Fountain of Youth.

What is Meliodas famous line?

“We all die someday, but as long as someone keeps a person’s wishes alive, they won’t really die.”

Who has a crush on ban seven deadly sins?

Elaine. Ban has feelings for Elaine, having befriended and then fallen for her during his seven days stay in the Fairy King’s Forest, with her having similar feelings.

Does ban kiss Jericho?

Noticing the blood on her hand and Ban’s slit throat, Jericho starts to yell at Ban to get away from her but is completely ignored as the two lovers reunite with a passionate kiss. When separating from their kiss, Elaine expresses to Ban she missed him so much and then passionately kisses him again.

Does ban Fall in love with Jericho?

Later in the series, Ban rescues Jericho and she slowly begins to develop feelings for him. This couple doesn’t make sense for the sheer fact that Ban never had eyes for anyone other than King’s fairy sister Elaine. If you’re looking for Jericho, then you can find her in the friend-zone.

Is Meliodas the demon king’s son?

Meliodas is later revealed to be the son of the Demon King and original leader of the Ten Commandments, possessing the fragment of his father’s soul embodying Love.

Is Escanor a villain?

Escanor is one of the strongest characters in The Seven Deadly Sins but that doesn’t mean they are stronger than these other heroes and villains. The disclosure of the self-important, arrogant, and overbearing Lion’s Sin was an unexpected twist that stunned all the viewers of The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Does Ban love Jericho?

Does Jericho love ban?

Elaine begins to chant at Jericho that she does love Ban only to have Jericho confess she loves Ban as well because he’s her savior. Elaine points out to Jericho that Ban will never look at a girl like her and therefore, Ban will never return her feelings.

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