Do Thermacell mosquito repellents really work?

Yes. It has been tested against a wide assortment of insects and been found effective to varying degrees. Thermacell Mosquito Repellents are effective against mosquitoes, gnats, and flies (such as black flies). This isn’t surprising since mosquitoes, gnats, and flies are all members of the order Diptera.

Is it OK to breathe in Thermacell?

Although the Thermacell is EPA approved and uses allethrin (a synthetic version of a substance found in Chrysanthemums) instead of DEET, warnings include keeping the lantern away from uncovered food during operation and avoiding directly inhaling the vapor. Allethrin is also highly toxic to fish, bees and cats.

Are Thermacell worth it?

The Thermacell E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller is the most convenient, easy-to-use spatial repellent we found, and it’s nearly as good at stopping mosquitoes from bothering you as a full application of a spray repellent.

Are Thermacells safe for dogs?

While it is safe to use Thermacell Mosquito Repeller around people, we recommend that people using it should keep their pets, such as cats, indoors, away from its vapors. Although exposure to allethrin has a minor effect on humans, note that allethrin exposure can be fatal to cats, bees, and fish.

Can you eat around Thermacell?

PowerPad Lamp. The ThermaCell repelled mosquitoes, but it can’t be used around food or drinks.

What is the difference between the Thermacell radius and E55?

This is a new pick for 2021, replacing our previous pick, the Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent Gen 2.0. The E55 differs from the Radius in that its interface is simpler and easier to use, and its coverage area is larger.

Does Thermacell work on black flies?

The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent system effectively repels mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects by creating a 15 x 15-foot zone of protection for bug-free comfort. Thermacell products offer virtually odor free pest protection on the go without the hassle of scented lotions or sprays.

Can you reuse Thermacell pads?

Shortly before you are ready to use your Thermacell, take out your dropper and your used repellent pad and simply drop 6-9 drops on the pad before inserting it into your Thermacell. Once the blue burns off and the pad is white again, it’s ready for a few more drops and another cheap and easy refill.

Is Thermacell safe for dogs?

Thermacell products are safe to use around pets and animals when used outdoors. Please use as directed for outdoor use only.

Does Thermacell need batteries?

And the company continues to innovate. The Radius Zone Mosquito Repeller, Gen 2.0, lasts 40 hours on one refill, uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery that recharges in 5 hours and even has a shut-off timer (no more forgetting to turn it off and finding empty butane cartridges the next day!).

How do you refresh a Thermacell pad?

How do you recoat Thermacell mats?

There are two ways of refilling Thermacell butane cartridges: 1) remove the check valve of the cartridge and then use a modified butane can tip (sanded-down, cut tip, etc.) to fill from the top, or 2) install an in-let butane refill valve.

What is the active ingredient in Thermacell pads?

Thermacell Scientific Studies and Active Ingredient d-cis/trans allethrin: The repellent mats contain the active ingredient called d-cis/trans allethrin (21.97%).

What liquid is in Thermacell?

All of the Thermacell appliances use a butane cartridge to heat up a small mat that’s soaked in mosquito repellent.

How long do Thermacell mats last?

four hours
A: The butane creates head that releases the repellent in the mats. Each mat lasts up to four hours and each cartridge lasts up to 12 hours. Thermacell can be turned on and off to help extend the life of the cartridge.

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