Do big leaf hydrangeas bloom all summer?

Except for the Endless Summer series, most bigleaf hydrangeas bloom on mature wood. That means the plant actually forms the buds for the following year’s flowers in late summer to early fall. You don’t want to cut off the flower buds and miss out on the beautiful blooms!

Which hydrangeas are endless summer?

The Endless Summer® hydrangea is a brand of cold-hardy, reblooming hydrangeas. Their stunning blooms are available in many colors: pink, blue, purple, red, and white.

How do I know if my hydrangea is endless summer?

Endless Summer Hydrangeas at a Glance

  1. Bloom on both old and new wood.
  2. Flowers can be pink or blue.
  3. Cold hardy.
  4. Long blooming period from summer to fall.
  5. Can be grown in a container.
  6. Prefer partial shade in warmer climates.

How do you keep hydrangeas in the summer?

Bigleaf and smooth hydrangeas require more water, but all varieties benefit from consistent moisture. Use a soaker hose to water deeply and keep moisture off the flowers and leaves. Watering in the morning will help prevent hydrangeas from wilting during hot days.

How do you keep big leaf hydrangeas blooming?


  1. Plant in a spot with some sun. For the most blooms and best color, a bit of sunlight daily is important.
  2. Water often. The foliage of all plants loses some water through the process of photosynthesis, which is totally normal.
  3. Mulch.
  4. Prune or cut back big-leaf hydrangeas.
  5. Fertilize after late July.
  6. Don’t give up!

How long do big leaf hydrangeas bloom?

The Mophead Hydrangeas or Hortensias produce large rounded flower heads, mostly packed with showy sterile florets. Since the flowers cannot be pollinated, they will bloom on and on through summer, between 3-6 months, until fall approaches and they change color.

What hydrangeas bloom all summer?

If watered properly, Endless Summer® Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) will bloom on both old and new wood throughout the summer. Another advantage to planting these repeat blooming hydrangeas is that if there is a cold winter, it will only kill back the early flower buds.

Is Endless summer hydrangea a big leaf hydrangea?

Giant blooms reach 8-10 inches! Repeat blooms from early summer to frost. Withstands harsh winters.

Should I cut back my endless summer hydrangea in the fall?

Endless Summer Hydrangeas should not be pruned in the fall. Instead, prune them only in May. This will ensure the flower buds that have made it through the winter have emerged. Prune out only dead wood and leave any green buds or leaves.

Can Endless Summer Hydrangeas take full sun?

Endless Summer Hydrangeas thrive in partial shade, or roughly four hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight per day. It’s best if they receive sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.

Should I deadhead hydrangeas in the summer?

The hydrangea growing season starts in early spring. Gardeners get to enjoy cutting longer stems off the shrub, showcasing the hydrangea blooms in vases. Deadheading should take place in early summer to help promote growth. After August, your hydrangea is probably growing new buds for next year.

Which hydrangea tree blooms the longest?

The blooms of panicle hydrangeas are a mix of frothy, fertile florets and showy, sterile florets. The showy florets, varying in size and quantity by cultivar, provide the long-lasting bloom show, which is enhanced by a metamorphosis from white to varying shades of pink.

How do I make my endless summer hydrangea bloom?

Endless Summer® hydrangeas prefer morning sun and afternoon dappled shade. If they are planted in full sun, it may be too hot and intense for the blooms to produce. Also, over-watering and over-fertilizing your plants can inhibit bloom production.

What type of hydrangea blooms the longest?

panicle hydrangeas
Conical flower heads up to 15″ long are the largest of all panicle hydrangeas. Blooms mid-summer, creamy-white blushing to soft pink as the summer progresses. Heavy bloomer.

Do Endless Summer Hydrangeas lose their leaves in winter?

Even the most magnificent hydrangea bush loses its leaves as cold temperatures signal winter’s approach. Hydrangea are deciduous shrubs, meaning they appear to die in fall. Hydrangea are also perennial plants, though, meaning they will come back year after year if they are cared for properly through the winter.

Why do Endless Summer Hydrangeas not bloom?

There are a few main reasons that you may not see blooms on your hydrangea bushes: sun exposure, over-watering and over-fertilizing. Endless Summer® hydrangeas prefer morning sun and afternoon dappled shade. If they are planted in full sun, it may be too hot and intense for the blooms to produce.

Do you prune big leaf hydrangeas?

Prune bigleaf hydrangea when the flowers begin to fade. Prune out flower heads and head back other shoots, as necessary, to encourage branching and fullness. Flower buds will begin forming in late summer for the following season, so avoid pruning after August 1.

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