Can you swim in Chileno Bay?

The calm, azure blue waters are some of the finest in the area for engaging in snorkeling and swimming due to their Blue Flag safety rating. Visitors can spend the day in the beach, as well as wash off their feet and clean up at provided shower systems.

Who owns Chileno Bay Cabo?

Auberge Resorts Collection
Managed by Auberge Resorts Collection, acclaimed owner and operator of boutique luxury hotels, resorts, residences and private clubs, the resort is set on Chileno Bay, the most coveted swimming beach in Los Cabos, offering guests a free-spirited beachfront lifestyle.

How much is a Chileno Bay membership?

(Add to that a vetted membership, $100,000 initiation fee and annual dues of around $16,000.) “At the end of the day, great people create the best memories,” says Meldman, whose members at various clubs can call Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake and Tom Brady their, ahem, “neighbors.”

Why is it called Chileno Bay?

An inlet on the Sea of Cortez 11 miles north of the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Chileno Bay got its name from the Chilean pirates who during the 16th and 17th centuries used the cove’s calm, concealed waters to lay in wait for gold-laden Spanish galleons en route from the Philippines to Acapulco.

Is Chileno Beach public?

The beach was clean and not too crowded for a public beach. For 10 dollars you can rent an umbrella for the day or some snorkeling equipment. The water was warm and you could see whale sitings from the beach as well as many boats bringing people in to the reefs to snorkel. Plenty of parking also.

When was Chileno Bay resort built?

Related Stories. Chileno Bay Resorts & Residences features a boutique luxury resort, managed by Auberge Resorts, that will open on February 1, 2017 with 29 guest rooms ranging from 760 to 885 square feet of interior and exterior space.

Who developed Chileno Bay?

SV Capital Partners
“Auberge Resorts Collection is synonymous with exceptional luxury experiences and we are pleased to work in partnership to create the premier resort destination in Los Cabos,” said Mark Cooley, Partner, SV Capital Partners, the developer of Chileno Bay Resort & Residences.

How many rooms does Chileno Bay have?

Ideal for romance or active young families alike, the 92 room-and-villa resort is equal parts L.A. cool and Palm Springs chic — bleached woods and minimalist landscaping blend easily into the desert surroundings, letting the azure-blue ocean waters and central three-tiered pool do most of the jaw dropping.

How much is it to golf at Chileno Bay?

approximately $450
Golf Rates Green fee is approximately $450, plus mandatory caddie gratuity of $40. Fee includes use of practice facilities and access to two deluxe complimentary on-course comfort stations.

Is Chileno beach public?

Are there sharks in Chileno Bay?

Beach closed after shark steals a piece of fisherman’s catch Erick Santillán said fishermen have reported seeing sharks off La Ribera, La Playa and Chileno and advised that with the decline of human activity on the area’s beaches, marine life has broadened its natural habitat.

How do you get to Cabo San Lucas from Chileno Beach?

Chileno Beach is easily (and affordably) accessible by bus from both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Some visitors recommend arriving by car if you don’t want to do a lot of walking and waiting in the heat (buses frequent the area every 20 to 30 minutes, according to travelers).

What happened to the Hotel Cabo San Lucas?

It closed in 2004, I thought to be renovated under new ownership. Unfortunately, Chileno Bay Golf and Ocean Club went bankrupt and the area is not currently occupied (or finished). They started the project, moved the freeway and nothing has happened there for over 2 years.

Is Chileno Bay Golf public?

Private’; Los Cabos has two private clubs open to members and guests only.

Do the cartels run Cabo?

Never drive in the dark – The drug cartels are mostly active at night and don’t like seeing other cars on the road. Stick to tourist areas – There’s an area called the Los Cabos Tourist Corridor, which runs 20 miles from Cabo San Lucas to San José del Cabo. It’s often patrolled by police and is the safest area here.

Do the cartels operate in Cabo San Lucas?

Most crime and violence in Cabo and in Baja California Sur State has a direct connection to the Mexico cartels. As tourists are the drug cartels’ best customers, they largely keep their violence away from the Cabo tourist areas — so tourists keep coming traveling to Cabo San Lucas.

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