Can you lift a 2wd jeep?

Yeah there is no difference. Order up any lift you want and it will fit. And there is nothing wrong with having a lifted 2wd so don’t worry about any hell you could get.

Can you put a lift kit on a jeep Cherokee?

With an amazing range of high quality shock absorbers to choose from, springs to suit every front and rear weight. As well as SuperPro bushes and greaseable shackle kits your Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee 4X4 lift kit will be the best possible upgrade you can get.

Should you lift a 2WD?

There is no reason you can’t lift a 2WD truck. There are just a lot of opinions around doing so. But there isn’t anything technically or mechanically that would make it any harder to lift than a 4WD truck. So yes you absolutely can lift a 2WD truck.

How do you lift a Jeep?

How to Lift a Jeep Wrangler (JL, JK & TJ)

  1. Remove the front lower shock bolts.
  2. Remove brake line bracketry and any other harnesses that might get pulled on while lifting/dropping the axle.
  3. Remove the sway bar end links.
  4. Remove the track bar bolts.
  5. Lower the axle to remove the coil springs.
  6. Remove the factory spring spacers.

What does KL mean in Jeep Cherokee?

YJ: Wrangler 1987 – 1995. CJ: Civilian Jeep 1955 – 1986. KL: Cherokee 2014 – present. XJ: Cherokee/Wagoneer (Unibody only) 1984 – 2001. WK2: Grand Cherokee 2010 – present.

How do you reset the air suspension on a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee?


  1. Disconnect the positive battery cable for 5 minutes.
  2. Pull out the following fuses: F05 Air Suspension Comp*
  3. Insert all the fuses you just pulled out.
  4. Reconnect the positive battery cable.
  5. Turn on the Jeep.
  6. Let it warm up for 8 minutes.
  7. Test the Quadra Lift system by changing the ride height.

Should you lift a 2 wheel drive truck?

Is it OK to lift a 2WD?

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