Can you hunt in Texas for free?

The $40 Annual Public Hunting Permit from TPWD is all you need for access to most lands. Hunting is free on other public lands, while some agencies charge a small fee. The chart below gives the details. This chart does not include lands in TPWD wildlife management areas or public dove hunting areas.

Is there public land to hunt deer in Texas?

Annual Public Hunting Permit Hunt white-tailed deer, feral hogs, dove, quail, turkey, waterfowl, rabbit, squirrel and more on more than 180 hunting areas, including wildlife management areas, state parks and approximately 120 dove and small game areas leased from private landowners.

How much does it cost to hunt deer in Texas?

Resident Hunting Licenses

License Eligibility Fee
Resident Hunting License Texas resident $25
Senior Resident Hunting License Texas resident 65 years and older $7

Can you hunt in state parks in Texas?

Public Lands Texas Parks and Wildlife has two types of programs. The Annual Public Hunting Permit provides year-round hunting on nearly one million acres of land. Popular dove and small game hunting areas are offered through this system. Watch a video on: the Annual Hunting Permit Program.

Where can I go deer hunting in Texas?

The Best Deer Hunts in Texas

  • Sombrerito Ranch: This lovely 11,000-acre South Texas spread was originally part of a Spanish land grant.
  • King Ranch: The quality of the deer is top-notch, but the mystique and historical wonder of the place is what sets it apart (not to mention its legendary size: more than 800,000 acres).

Where is best deer hunting in Texas?

Where is the best place to hunting deer in Texas?

Texas Hill Country (Edwards Plateau) This area of Texas is between Austin and San Antonio and is considered the jackpot for deer hunting! Hunting leases are offered to hunters in this area which help ranchers and small business owners stay afloat while helping to keep the deer population at bay.

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