Can you catch Corprus in Morrowind?

You can only cure yourself of the disease if you contract it during the Sixth House Base quest, and there is only one way to get rid of it—complete the Corprus Cure quest immediately afterwards….Morrowind:Corprus.

Type Offensive
Base Cost 2500
Availability (Click on any item for details)

How do I get rid of Corprus in Morrowind?

Go back to Divayth Fyr and give him the boots, and he will gladly hand over the potion, but with one condition: the Nerevarine has to drink the potion in front of him. The potion will cure the Corprus disease or kill the Nerevarine. Drink the potion when ready.

Is Corprus contagious?

Due to the extremely contagious and untreatable nature of the disease, along with the fact that the infected develop aggressive behavior, the most effective non-lethal method of prevention of the disease is the incarceration of all victims of the disease away from society.

Where can I find Corprus Weepings in Morrowind?

“Corprus weepings are hardened secretions that fall from the fleshy sores of corprus victims.” Corprus weepings are found on the bodies of corprus stalkers and lame corprus, which can be found in the areas worst hit by the blight, Red Mountain and most Sixth House strongholds.

Where is the cup with a mark of House Dagoth?

the Dome of Pollock’s Eve
The Corprus Weepings and the House Dagoth cup can easily be found in the Dome of Pollock’s Eve. The Shield is located in the Bleeding Heart caverns, under Kogoruhn.

How do I get to Bleeding Heart in Morrowind?

To reach the shield you can enter the Hall of the Watchful Tomb or the Hall of Phisto sections. Either way, you will need to reach the Bleeding Heart section. This can be reached by passing through the Hall of Phisto, Hall of Maki, Nabith Waterway, Charma’s Breath, and finally to Bleeding Heart.

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