Can a landlord ask for a criminal record check in Ontario?

According to the Human Rights Code, landlords can ask for your income, rental history, credit references, and credit check. If you don’t have a rental or credit history, don’t worry. The Code specifies that landlords cannot use this against you.

Can a landlord ask for a criminal record check in BC?

15.3 A landlord cannot require an individual to consent to a criminal record check as a condition of providing a tenancy unless that information is necessary to provide that tenancy. 14 In most situations, it will not be necessary.

How can I make my rental application more attractive?

8 Helpful Rental Application Tips

  1. Preparation is key.
  2. Submit a great cover letter.
  3. Provide proof you can afford to pay.
  4. Furnish solid references.
  5. Obtain a financial guarantor.
  6. Be honest in your rental application.
  7. Review your social media.
  8. Create a good first impression.

Can you refuse to rent to someone with a criminal record Canada?

While a criminal record can hinder your chances of getting the apartment of your dreams, in Canada, there is no law that authorizes the owner of a house/apartment to do a criminal record check without the permission of the tenant.

How do you describe yourself on a rental application?

It’s quite simple: Write a few short paragraphs about who you are, what you do for a living and perhaps the reason for your move. If you’re applying as a group for a property you intend to share, briefly introduce each housemate. Be professional, but not so overly formal that your personality doesn’t shine through.

Can landlord do criminal background check in Canada?

A landlord is NOT allowed to ask you for the following: Criminal Record Check. A landlord may only collect information about an individual’s criminal history for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances and only for the purposes that they disclose to the prospective tenant.

What documents are required for right to rent?

Valid documents (depending on nationality)

  • A valid passport.
  • A valid EEA/Swiss national ID card.
  • A valid UK driving licence and original UK birth certificate (for British citizens only)
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